Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Mags: "Why are we burying this statue?"
Me: "It's St. Joseph. People say if you bury him by your house that it will sell faster."
Mags: "Ummm...why are you putting him in a baggie and upside down?"
Me: "Well, that's how they say to bury him."
Mags: "Well, you know how dangerous plastic bags are. If you put it over his head...he won't be selling anything!"

In preparation for putting our home on the market, our realtor took pictures of the house to post on her website. On top of that, we worked with her to write a descriptive and appealing paragraph to fit in the character limit allowed on the site. We all tried to find the most important parts of the home that would jump out at people. This got me thinking.  What if there was no character or word limit to our description?  What would I want people to REALLY know about our house? 

Here's what I would want to say: 

Our sweet house is for sale. It is nestled on a quiet, yet accessible .76 acre lot in Harpers Ferry. Its walls hold 10 years of the most precious memories I own to date. The front door is sturdy, waiting to open to your it did to ours. When we crossed it each night, we were home.  Being a split level, there's a landing on which you can catch your breath between steps...on which I caught many. The fireplace on the lower level, which absorbed many tender words and life-changing conversations, not only will warm your hearts, but also replenish your soul. The hall in the upper level is the road most traveled. It is filled with memories of passionate kisses, soothing newborn babies, chasing elated toddlers, and planning a plethora of adventures. In each of the rooms off the hall, our hopes and dreams were shared. Created. For 10 years, this house watched our marriage bloom, our babies grow, and our family form. And holding us tightly all along the way was its frame. But as life changes, so did our plans. Our hope is to sell our house. But it is also our wish that someone will fall in love with it as we did many years ago and give it purpose once again. 

Click on the picture if interested! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Mags: "I wish I could have breakfast in bed for my birthday in the morning."
Me: "I was planning to surprise you with it, but do you wanna place an order?"
Mags: "Surprise me. Cause you know how I love Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal, grapes and orange juice."
Me: "Okay, I'll definitely surprise you...with that exact order."

She'll be so surprised, don't ya think? 

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl. I don't know where seven years have gone...
but I've loved almost every minute of it! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

WE Are Groot

Stranger: "WOW! That's quite a costume."
Chris: "I am Groot."
Mags: "He's saying you can put his piece of candy in my trick-or-treating bag."

Chris and the kids created something a few weekends ago that was so amazing I had to share. Brag, even. We decided this summer what we wanted to be for Halloween (as a family) the moment we stepped out of the theater after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy.  

Mags was quick to put her claim on Rocket Racoon and Tuck wasted no time snagging Star Lord. They told me I had to be Gamora and I really didn't mind. She was the kick-butt green chick in the movie. Chris had a few choices, but he was set on Groot. Groot, the ginormous tree creature.

I figured by September they would have the costumes for this summer blockbuster out in full force. And I was right...except for Groot. The one they had online just didn't do his character justice. Naturally, Chris took matters into his own hands. He decided he needed to branch out. He just couldn't leaf well enough alone. (I crack myself up.) 

After pulling out the materials he'd need in order to create this costume, he and the kids got busy. "It'll only take a few hours at most." Famous last words. Much like Tucker's birth, this timeline was WAY too ambitious. Soooo, TWENTY HOURS later, Groot was my kitchen. My kitchen that now resembled the Henson's Creature Shop Challenge. No matter. In all seriousness, the results were OUTSTANDING!  

Take a look at a bit of the process and final product:


So, spill. What are you guys going to be this year?

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Michele: "Mags should be a Sunday comic strip."

I agree, Michele. Thanks for the great idea! And thanks to the fun and easy comic creating website,  Bitstrips, I was able to recreate a funny "Magism" that occurred last night. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Got InstaWave?

I'm not the most patient woman you'll ever meet. I think most of my patience was lost during the great sleep deprivation of 2005-2014. It's been a long haul. Needless to say if I'm trying a new product and it is not easy to use or truly does not do what it says it will within five minutes, I'll abandon it altogether.

Enter the Kiss InstaWave. This  product was ready to go right out of the box. I read the quick tips and tricks pamphlet and off I went. From the very first curl, I was completely entertained and amazed. I've always steered away from curling irons due to the fact that I never really achieved great results. The curls never seem to hold and the ends of my hair always look frayed. 

Not with the InstaWave

It was like a magic, twirling wand. By the end, I was able to use it with only one hand. The curls were instant, dramatic and long lasting. It took me ten minutes tops to have a head full of curls that lasted an entire night of dinner and dancing. I was so impressed.

And check out MY results. 

Want to win your own InstaWave curling iron? My friend Michele and I are giving one away to one of our lucky readers! Enter multiple times and ways below in the Rafflecopter. 

This contest closes at Midnight on October 15th.

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Mags: "Tell me the Aunt El story again. You know the one."

It all started with a Snickers Bar. A seemingly insignificant moment turned memorable. So memorable, in fact, that I have told my children on multiple occasions. It's a surefire way to watch them build from a little giggle to rolling-on-the-floor laughter. 

A Snickers Bar. I never suspected it. I should have. The lurking. The shivers up my spine. The stare. It bore a hole through the back of my head. But I went for it. I was young and full of fortitude. My inexperience was glaring, just ripe for the picking. I moved with the grace of a newborn foal toward the closet door; the prize behind it calling to me like Pavlov's bell. Salivation dulled my senses and I lost all control. I threw the door open haphazardly and grasped at the familiar rectangular shape. The wrapping fumbled beneath my fingers...unaware. 

I heard the footsteps first before I realized what was happening.  I was captured, brought to the floor and stripped of my precious chocolate all in a matter of seconds. Her style. Her grace. They were unmatched. I couldn't deny her a smile as she devoured the bar in front of my baffled face.  

That day I was taught a very valuable lesson: 

Keep your mind on the prize...and your eyes on the competition. 
Or...offer to share your chocolate. 
Nah...just keep your eyes on your competition. 

Forever and always I will eat a Snickers Bar with a huge smile on my face...
and hunched in a corner looking over my shoulder. 

I love you, Aunt El, more than words could say. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


Well, friends, here we are. A day we knew was inevitable. Michele and I are putting the cap on #KetchupWithUs. It began as a quirky and fun idea that two friends would wear a ketchup costume in as many crazy situations and places as possible. Michele and I had some of our heartiest laughs coming up with ideas, especially when we were together to don the red bottle. 

We've had the honor of meeting some incredible bloggers in our two year journey. It's been quite a ride. 

In the beginning we were a little nervous. Would people link up and play along with us? Would they think we were stark raving mad? Would they spread the word? We soon found out that like any ride...

Sometimes you have to just throw your hands up in the air, trust in others and JUST. HAVE. FUN. And that we did, friends. We hope you did, too! 

In the end, we have a fantastic collection of bloggers who shared their ups, downs, twists, turns, laughter and creativity with us. We could not have asked for a better group of people! But, as they say, "All good things must come to an end." 

 However, we don't want to say "Goodbye." We'd rather say, "See you later." Because you never know what we have in store for the future. 

Keep writing. Keep creating. Keep laughing. 

Love, Michele and Mel

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