Saturday, December 24, 2011


Me: "Hey, Mags. It might be easier to rake if you put your silky down."
Mags: "No, but thanks for the 'sur-guess-tion'.

What is a "silky" you ask? See that piece of cloth she is clinging to tightly? That is her comfort item, well,  besides Tucker. Tucker is technically her comfort person. Anyways, we have two silkies. When I saw her getting attached as a baby, I promptly found the brand online and ordered a second one as a "just in case" silky. What happened? She then took to both of them. She needed both of them at all times. One would not do. 

So, we had two silkies for me to watch out for. Two silkies to track down each night. Were they in the car? Were they under the coffee table? Crap! Where were we today? I remember one time I thought we left silky at the library. I literally ran through in my head a plan of how to get the librarian's home phone number. Luckily, it was in her bed the whole time...after 30 minutes of searching. *grumble grumble*

One fateful day, however, her main silky went missing. No matter how hard we looked we could not find her. (Yes, she refers to silky as "her") I tore the house apart. For days and days. I was heartbroken for her. Every single nap. Every single rock in the rocking chair. Every single bed time. I heard the same thing from her. "Mama, I really miss my old silky." RIP.MY.HEART.OUT! I dreamed about silky and all the places she could be. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months and months turned into close to a year. I was ready to climb into the crawl space for goodness sake, just in case a mouse had taken it and made it a nest. OK, so this thought was crazy, but you just never know. 

I did order her another silky that year from the Easter Bunny to try and fill the void. No go. She never took to her. She preferred the remaining old, well loved, ebola virus ridden silky to the new one. I all but had given up. As long as we didn't lose the one old silky we had, I was fine. Then, something unexpected happened! While we were getting ready to decorate for Christmas this year, we took down all the boxes from the attic, as usual.  As I opened the first box, I began passing out decorations to the kids to go hang, find a spot for, or throw somewhere.  As I got to the bottom of the box, I reached in and pulled out a familiar piece of cloth.

I literally gasped and jumped up and down. I was a little embarrassed about this, but I started to cry. I was so excited for Mags. She was out of her mind when we had her come look in the box. She cried, laughed and sat herself down for a good snuggle. It did my heart good. I felt relief. I felt her relief. I could visibly see it. She promptly named her "old, lost silky".

So, here's to you, Oldlostsilky. 
Keeper of comfort. Keeper of dreams. Keeper of friendship. 
Carrier of germs and rare diseases. 

                        I hope your dreams are filled with sugar
                                  plum fairies dancing in your head!
                                             Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. Aw--it brings tears to my eyes, too. I remember when my girls had their comfort items--a stuffed Tigger and a hand embroidered Tigger pillow for Madeline and the Boppy pillow I used when I nursed her for Morgan. The Boppy pillow morphed to a stuffed horse (Andrew pony) that Morgan received for a birthday present around age 5--I can only imagine the ribbing she might have gotten for the nursing pillow at sleepovers! Both girls were firmly attached to their comfort items at bedtime throughout most of elementary school. I remember leaving Tigger pillow in a hotel and having to have it Fedexed to us after a vacation. Both girls still have their comfort items somewhere in their rooms--as 13 yr. old and 15 yr. old teenagers they no longer need these items, but I can't imagine ever throwing them away. Merry Christmas to you, Mel--and to Mags and her silky.

    1. I missed this comment somehow. So sweet, Beth. I love this!