Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SLEEP IS SO OVERRATED (that's the lack of sleep talking)

Mags: "Mama! Shhhhhhh! Daddy is sleeping. We need to leave him alone so we don't wake him up."
Me: "What about me? Why don't you leave me alone when I am sleeping?"
Mags: "Cause you like it when I wake you up."

Alright. Which one of you told her this lie? Fess up. This coming from Mags, the little girl who slept the first six weeks of her life away. Since our first born was colicky 24/7 for the first four months of his life, I thought for sure something was wrong with our second born, baby girl. The doctors told me that she was completely normal. Apparently, newborns usually sleep a lot. Wow. This was news to me, since Tuck (our first born) NEVER slept as an infant. So I went with it. It was glorious. She was even sleeping through the night at six weeks old. Ahhhhh. Precious sleep. 

Then at 12 weeks, she decided that sleep was so last year. She turned into the a "party all night" kind of babe. Here's the thing, though.  When she was awake multiple times a night, she was the most pleasant, little creature. She would coo and smile at me. After I'd give her a bottle, burp, and diaper change, she would be set.  Our first born on the other hand would SCREAM at me for hours with no rhyme or reason. Bottled, burped, diapered, warm bath given, rocked, me crying with him while we walk-bounced, and he would still be screaming his little face off. That was not pleasant. Not one little bit. 

So, when she made this comment today I started to wonder why she thought this. I mean, I WAS happy to get up with her and give her what she needed. Who can resist a chubby-cheeked four month old super excited to see you? Even when you were sleep deprived, not sure when you brushed your teeth or hair last, and a shower was a distant memory; she reached for me. Don't be mistaken. I was not happy to lose my beauty sleep, but that was not her fault. She was tiny then. Needy. 

As time wore on, though, I was not always smiling when I went in to get her. I was ready for her to sleep through the night. To get into a pattern. It happened eventually, but not consistently enough to rid the dark circles from under my eyes. 

Now, four years later, we are battling through her night terrors together. She goes in stages and they are exhausting for both of us. No worries! Both boys (big and small) sleep soundly through the crazy, inconsolable, screaming and crying. That's just me. Then there are Mags' intense night terror screams. We get through these stages, but it is like having a four month old all over again. I don't like that she is scared, that they make her so upset, and that they are reoccurring each and every night for weeks on end. I do like that I am the one that can comfort her. I like that all I have to do is whisper in her ear that I am there, tuck her disease ridden silky under her arm, and kiss her warm cheeks three or maybe twenty times to get her to calm down. 

So, I guess when I think about it...yes. I like that my little girl thinks that I enjoy it when she wakes me up, especially when she needs to be comforted. We have formed a strong bond through these night time soirees. For that I am grateful. After all, she is one of the three most important people in my life. When she says things like this, it gets me through the frustration of us both not sleeping well. It helps me to remember that I am lucky to be considered one of the most important people in her life, too.

Well, except when I'm on the naughty list!

*If you click on the red words in this post, it will bring you to previous posts about silky and the naughty list. This may help you understand their significance a little bit better. Enjoy!


  1. Oooh, Thing #1 had that ONCE and I thought.. here we go. (My brother had them) Fingers crossed, it's been 3 years and we only had the once - I don't think I would have the energy to survive!


    1. Yes. Once is enough. We are in a lull right now. Quick, knock on wood!! :P

  2. You have really been through the sleep ringer haven't you!? I've heard of that night terrors thing and what an uprooting for you and your household to have to go through that. I don't know what I'd do if my baby didn't sleep like your first - motherhood is challenging enough when you're new, but when they don't sleep - oy vey.
    A book I always recommend to everybody is Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth - have you read it? Not sure it covers night terrors though. Poor you!
    Thanks for linking up to our Blog Bash and helping us celebrate!!

    1. I have read that one. It had a lot of helpful strategies for me to try. WE are finally getting into a lull here. I am hoping it stays that way!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My firstborn was never a good sleeper. He's 2 now and much better, but it depends on who puts him to bed. If it's me, it takes an hour and he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming for me. If it's his dad, he'll sleep in 10 minutes and through the night.

    I'm guessing if he ever gets night terrors, his father can deal with it :)

    Thanks for linking up with Blog Bash!

    1. Thanks for having me Alison. This was a great idea. I am finding some really awesome blogs to follow!

      Good luck!