Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Me: "Mags, what is going on this morning?"
Mags: "Nuffin'. I just feel out of sorts."

I get that. It is so hard this time of year. The excitement of it all really wears kids down. We started seeing Christmas trees go up in our stores as they were putting out the Halloween costumes for goodness sake. Pretty soon the'll have Rudolf promoting "Back to School" sales. Buy two notebooks and get a pack of tinsel free. Or, they could be like my neighbor and just combine Halloween and Christmas. Who doesn't love a good Santa Zombie? 

So, I get Mags' "out of sorts". She has been on overdrive for 25 straight days. Putting up the decorations, trying not to touch the most delicate ornaments on the tree, finding elves, going to parties, singing lots of Christmas carols, making dozens of cookies, devising plans to get one of those cookies from your sleep deprived Mama every morning for breakfast, mustering up the courage to sit on Santa's lap, figuring out what presents you want most, creating naughty lists, eating a butt load of sugar, and then trying to behave through it all. As my grandmother says, "It's too much!".  

After thinking about it, I really need to give both the kids some slack for hanging on through the past 25 days as well as they did. So when the melt downs come over the next couple of days, I may just join in. Show 'em how it is really done. Then I will suggest a nap. Like I said before, all that excitement, anticipation, and cookie eating is exhausting. Obviously. 


  1. Poor Mags! SO feeling it! I am burn out too... can I put my SO in time out? I need a break. ;-)

    I love it when Mags planks... she is hilarious :)

  2. Yes, Chic! We all need a good time out once in a while! I thought of you when I used that pic. I know it cracks you up! ;)

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