Friday, December 30, 2011


Tuck: "Can I have a turn on the Wii?"
Mags: "I don't know. Are you done whining?"
Caught! She does listen to what I say to her over and over and over again. I have noticed it more over this Christmas break since she has all day with her brother home. She busts out her "Mamaisms" on poor Tuck every chance she gets.
Mags has always been the enforcer of rules. She breaks 'em like nobody's business, but makes sure everyone else is following them. Just this morning I heard her saying to him at the breakfast table, "Tuckah! That piece of banana in your mouth is too big! That's dangerous. You could choke." 
Tuck, who is forever appeasing her, took out half the banana he had shoved in his mouth (impressive) and starts eating it in smaller bites. He knows she is right. He knows she is just trying to protect him. Most of all, he knows she will tattle. How does he know? Two words: Christmas Break.
It has been a solid week of them both home, together, all day long. Don't get me wrong, it has had it's usual ups and downs with behavior and sibling rivalry, but overall, they have held up well. By now you can definitely start seeing the novelty of "vacation week" wearing off, at least in our house. The whining and fighting has become more abundant. The tattling has become more frequent. The patience for each other's antics has diminished and my patience needs a good recharge, too.
There is one thing though that I always look forward to during break. That is to really see just how much Tuck's independence has grown in the past 3 months. I miss those little milestones now that he is in school all day. So, I had forgotten what a tight ship Tuck runs when he is here full time. It took me the first day of break to adjust to his regiment, but Mags was following suit, so I just went with it. Schedules are his thing. He likes to know what is happening at all times, ahead of time. So, I forced myself to loosen my reins a little and see what happened. Here's how his schedule went:
7:00 A.M. Breakfast. Turn on the tube, sit, eat, zone out.
8:00 A.M. Turn off the tube, get dressed, get playing.
8:01-9:59 A.M.- Playing games, singing and dancing, coloring pictures, making forts, chasing bad guys, fighting with Mags after she stole the toy he just put down, playing babies with Mags, fighting over the babies with Mags, helping me vacuum, working together to vacuum, building Lego houses, fighting with Mags over the Lego house she broke "on an accident" and synchronized whining.
10:00 A.M Time for snack
10:15 A.M Get in the car to do errands.
12:00 P.M Back from errands, eat lunch, make plans for after quiet time.
12:30 P.M-2:00P.M Quiet time. Shhhhhh! I mean it!
2:01-4:00-More singing and dancing, building of train tracks, asking if it is time for Daddy to come home yet, fighting with Mags who just tore down his fort "on an accident", playing board games with Mama and Mags, hiding and seeking, whining that Mags found him too soon, asking how much longer until Daddy gets home, pulling out Transformers, watching Mama struggle to transform them *grumble grumble*, eating snack, fighting with Mags, hearing Daddy's car and jumping around.
4:01 P.M-Daddy's home and all is right in their worlds and mine.
My favorite part of this day is when my husband asks them, "So, what did you guys do today?"

Tuck: "OH, NOTHING!"
Mags: "Well, Daddy, Tuckah whined about the Wii game."
Me: "Yup, that about sums it up. How was your day, Honey?"


  1. Sounds very familiar! My kids' cuteness factor goes down with each consecutive day they are both home. Though we have had many fun moments I am SO READY for school to begin again!

    JD @Momagement

  2. We all need a break by the end for sure! I know I crave a schedule, too!