Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Tuck to me the morning we are leaving to drive to Boston: 

"Mama, don't forget to pack the thing you told me to remind you to pack. I can't think of the thing you told me, but just don't forget it, OK?" 

I often use my children to help me remember to do something. Their memories are way younger than mine and less full. They are like a brand spankin' new computer. They have a lot of storage space in their memory and they run fast. Homer Simpson sums up well how I feel sometimes, "...every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain." Can you hear my husband cheering that I just quoted Homer?

It's true. How many times do I leave a room to go to another room and then stand there forgetting why I am there? You do that too? Right? Lie to me. 

Let me give you an example. Mags and I went shopping for groceries. We got home and she helped me carry the first load in. On the way into the house I remembered I had put laundry in that morning. I put the grocery bags down and empty the clothes from the dryer into the basket. I switch over the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Mags comes back down the stairs ready for another load of groceries. 

We walk back out to the car. I give her the toilet paper to carry (learned my lesson last week with the eggs). Walk back in and realize I didn't turn the dryer on. Turn it on. Get upstairs. See Mags has emptied the bags for me and "put them away", in a safe place no doubt. *sigh* Bring the toilet paper to the closet. Oh! I have to bring the dry towels I just emptied from the dryer upstairs. Run downstairs. Grab the towels. Bring them up. Fold them real quick and put them in the closet. 

I find some random socks of Mags. I got to her room and wade through the explosion in there to put them in her drawer. I start to clean up some things just to make a path. I find my lip gloss buried under a pile of Barbies. I go to put that in my room and see Tuck's piano books. I grab those and bring them out so I won't forget them for his lessons today. While I am in there, I might as well empty our trash barrel. Walk out to the hall. As I am walking past the bathroom I think I might as well empty that trash barrel as well. I walk in the bathroom and see the toothpaste drawings the kids left for me all over the sink. Grab a Clorox wipe. Wipe the sink down, toilet down, and do the floor real quick while I'm at it. I pull the last Clorox wipe out. Damn! I forgot to get some at the store. Figures.

Mags is now under foot asking me where that lip gloss went in her room.Of course she noticed. I distract her by asking her to put the toothpaste cap on for me. Walk back into the kitchen. CRAP! I still need to put the groceries away. My phone dings. My mom sent a picture text for Mags. I show her the picture on the phone as I put the groceries away and try to find the ones Mags "put away" earlier. I really thought I had more groceries than this. Hmmmm. 

I make a snack for Mags after the groceries are put away. She sits and we chat while I do the dishes in the sink that have been staring at me all morning. The buzzer goes off in the laundry room. I run back downstairs and switch over the laundry again. I walk out of the room, close the door, and see four bags of groceries sitting at the bottom of the stairs. I knew it! 

See! I knew I had more groceries!


  1. You're not forgetful... just busy, right? :)

  2. This is definitely something I would do! Did you ever find the groceries Mags put away?

  3. Exactly, Betsy. However, I do feel a little bit forgetful sometimes. You know, like when I am laying in bed at 10PM and I think..."DID I EVER TAKE THE MILK OUT OF THE CAR?" :)

    Evonne, yes! I found the the juice boxes, yogurts and cheese sticks in the snack bag. It made sense, since they were snacks...but I taught her how they had to be in the fridge to keep from going bad. :P

  4. Yay!!!! You remembered his piano books!!!!

  5. This sounds like my life! Glad you found everything - and can't wait to read your next installment!