Wednesday, January 18, 2012


"Look at my homework paper! Its despicable!"
After I told Tuck repeatedly not to sit at the Master of Disaster's (AKA Mags') dinner spot to do his homework, he insisted. I explained I hadn't washed it down with the pressure washer yet, but he didn't care. He told me, "Mama! I got this." I tried to reason with him and told him what would happen, but he wouldn't listen. He was determined this was what he was going to do. 
I think he expected a little battle of the wills from me. However, I had a surprise for him; a little secret move I'd been saving up just for this kind of moment. Instead of fighting that fight, I just popped some popcorn and watched...quietly. He was so proud of himself as he sat there in the remnants of his sister's dinner. I could tell he was feeling somewhat victorious.
Then it began to happen. The thin, cheap workbook paper started to crumble under the pressure. It's weakness began to show through the growing spots of residue. Tuck saw it happening, but kept moving on. He worked around it and finished his paper which now resembled an art project from the cafeteria. I pulled out a piece of stationary from the drawer and began writing. He knew what he had done the second he picked it up. As he walked by me to put the paper back into his school folder, I handed him the following note to put with it:
Dear Tuck's Teacher,
I apologize for the maple syrup, sour cream, avocado, and spanish rice that is soaked into and stuck onto Tuck's homework paper. He insisted he do his homework at the 3 yo's spot at the table after dinner before I was able to thoroughly wipe it down. We had tacos for dinner. Your guess is as good as mine about the maple syrup.
The Mom you shake your head at.
I heard him reading it out loud as he shuffled into the other room where his backpack was. He laughed and mumbled something. Then he walked back into the kitchen, wrapped his arms around me, and uttered four sweet words.  
"You were right, Mama." 
Perhaps I should use this tactic more often...especially when he is 16.


  1. This was classic!!! :) I love how you have to "power wash" the "Master of Disaster's" dinner spot!!!