Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Me: "Mags, where are my sunglasses?"
Mags: "Don't worry, Mama. I put them somewhere safe." 

AHHHHHHH! Whenever she says that to me I know she has ferreted the thing I am looking for away somewhere in the deep, dark depths of her room. I use the word ferreted because we had one for a pet named Mojo. He used to have his usual "hidey holes" to put the stolen socks, keys, favorite shoe or the kids' soft toys. I knew where to go to seek my stolen items every time. The thing about Mags is, she switches her hiding spots up on me. Just when I think I have found her stash...BAM...it's gone.

It doesn't help that she has 253 purses, back packs, sample make up bags (my mom brings her those) and baby doll diaper bags in her room at all times. Not one of the 253 are empty. They all hold one or two of her precious treasures. You think she would lose track of which treasure is where, right? WRONG! I have tried to "consolidate" the bags and paid the price. "What have you done, Mama? Now I can't find ANYTHING!". 

The only consistent place that I know of to look for these "lost things" is in the crevices of her bed. She shoves them deep down in the sides, in the corners, and at the very end of the bed where the end of mattress and sheet meet like a horizon. This is where you will find Tuck's Spiderman action figure he's been searching for for days, Chris' calculator from his work bag that had gone missing weeks ago, numerous Barbie shoes (none that match), my lip gloss (the kind she asks for every single day but I tell her I can't find it), a wash cloth (to wash off the evidence of the lip gloss), random outfits for her baby dolls (they are always naked. Always.), and a bottle of maple syrup. The maple syrup I made up. Just makin' sure you're paying attention.

We figured out that these things she hides away in her bed are all pieces of us. Her family. I don't know how she finds anything in that bed. Heck, I can barely find her when I go to kiss her good night. She does, though. She knows exactly where our things are. Like she says, she is keeping them "safe", just like we keep her. 

So, Mags, about those sunglasses...

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