Monday, February 6, 2012


Tuck: "I can't wait until next Sunday when we can watch real shows."

It has been an interesting few weeks here in Northern Virginia, me being a Patriots fan and all. Wait...don't leave! Remember, they lost? 

Here's my "HIGHLIGHT REEL" from the week and throughout the game:

  • I got "boooooo"ed by a complete stranger out in public while wearing my Patriots sweatshirt. (He was wearing a Redskins sweatshirt mind you.)
  • My Facebook feed was alive with clever sayings, funny pictures and hilarious little rivalries between my friends.
  • I texted with my family throughout the game. It was a blast commenting on plays happening in the game with my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and some friends, who are now all over the country. Our true colors came out, though. By the end of the "nail bitah" we were all texting in our Bahston accents
  • I spent the entire Super Bowl hanging out with my husband.
  • I joined in on a Twitter hash tag called "footballforwomen". Their clever "women" tweets kept Chris and I entertained. My blogger friend headed it up. Her writing style is easy to love. You can visit ODNT here
  • The halftime show was interesting. Mags danced her little heart out to Madonna, mimicking all her moves. Thankfully, Mags didn't have a hair extension stuck in her zip up jammies though. 
  • The Audi commercial where the vampire burns up all his friends with his headlights by accident was hilarious. My favorite by far.
  • Tuck was in awe when he saw "TUCK" on the back of the Giants player's jersey. Every time he saw it he would say, "That player has my name!" 
  • Eating a ton of unnecessary tasty treats. Especially the cupcakes our friend, Ms. Beth brought over the night before. Thanks Ms. Beth!
  • Mags screaming as loud at the television screen as I was. 
  • Tuck going to bed and saying, "Good luck, Mama. I really don't want the Patriots to win because I am a Bills fan, but I don't want you to be sad either." After I thanked him for such sweet words, he followed up with, "No, I still really hope they lose." Nice, Tuck, real nice.
  • My husband's face when I jumped around the living room like a monkey, pointing and yelling at the screen as the clock ticked down to nine seconds left with the only hope of Hail Mary to win. 
  • Hanging out and laughing hard with my husband all night. Did I say that already? That's OKIt was worth mentioning twice. :)
Overall, the game was what it should have been. A good match up. There were no blow out scores and even in their mistakes, these guys showed off their talents. Like they say, "There's always next year." 

Soooooo, how 'bout them Red Sox? 

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  1. and then the Sabres bet the Bruins--bad week for Boston fams