Thursday, April 26, 2012

100 WORD SONG: The Unexpected

This post is in response to Lance's 100 Word Song on My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. The rules are that you listen to the song given on his blog and then write EXACTLY 100 words that were inspired by the tune.This week’s choice was by my friend, ODNT. She chose the song "Waiting On A Friend" by The Rolling Stones. It was fun to listen to and the 100 words came quickly. Enjoy!

The Unexpected

He was never going to be one of those men.  He didn’t need to be tied down. His freedom was his sanity. Emotions and attachment were unnecessary. The wall he surrounded himself with was built on a foundation of arrogance. Twelve hours was his limit of needing someone. Until her. Her smile tamed him. Her laughter infected him. A wrecking ball of a woman. His wall demolished in a matter of days. The need to be near her was so overwhelming it hurt. He was never going to be that man he remembered, as he knelt down on one knee.


  1. Oh yeah. I was this guy then came the woman.

    Real and stark and the right kind of 100. The fact he (and ) weren't really waiting for a woman make it ironic.

    great job

  2. this was incredibly awesome, and I hope it proves to be true, that he is never going to be the man from before. who doesnt need. Good writing.

  3. A wrecking ball of a woman. Love that!

  4. Usually being the "other type" it was cool to be able to get into this man's head as easily as you made it - love the wrecking ball part as well.