Tuesday, April 24, 2012


"Mama, this plain elbow shaped Mac and Cheese tastes different than the Cars shaped Mac and Cheese." 

This was my dinner conversation last night with the kids. As we sat there eating our delicacy of Kraft Mac and Cheese with a side of carrots, they argued this point back and forth with me. Tuck was getting serious. 

"Mama! Listen! The Cars don't taste as good."

I told him maybe it was because of all the exhaust fumes. He appeased me with a half-hearted chuckle. Mags jumped in to support her brother.

"Mama. We mean it!"

OK, little Miss Mighty. Got it. No need to get all worked up. So, I went over the list of smile-inducing shapes they've eaten. 

"What about the Halloween shapes? Christmas shapes? Phineas and Ferb shapes? Princess shapes? What you're saying is elbow Mac and Cheese is the best. Right?"

"Yes, Mama. They are the best. Oh, and the ones that look like a swirly slide (spiral shapes) are pretty good too."

So, I put it out on Twitter, not expecting too much response from such a silly tweet. Turns out I was wrong! People have strong opinions on this. I'm so glad I shared because I learned my children's palettes were spot on. Here's the tweet:

"The kids insist that Kraft Mac & Cheese plain macaroni shape tastes different than Cars shaped Mac & Cheese. Ummm.... #sillykids"

Thanks to my friends Michele and Beckyalong with a few other followers, who were quick to straighten me out. So feel free to join in on the fun in the comments below! I'd love to hear your opinion on this thought-provoking topic.

And, of course, my kids were delighted to say to me,
"See, I told you so, Mama!"  


  1. The SpongeBob shapes are awful. My kids told me so and my own (private) taste test confirmed it. Can I explain it? No. But, just to maintain my credibility with your readers, I will testify that I DO think all colors of M&Ms taste the same.

    So, I'm not crazy. At least not when it comes to Mac & Cheese.

    1. My kids are thrilled that they were right. They thank you for backing them up and giving them the opportunity to say, "Neener, neener, I told you so." :)

      I completely agree with the M&M's!

  2. We are Annie's mac and cheese devotees here. My girls insist there is a taste difference between Bunnies and Arthur and Elbow mac and cheeses. To me, they're all orange.

    Now, just to make things interesting, the 6yo only wants orange mac and cheese and the 3.5yo only wants white mac and cheese. Which is eliminating one of their handful of dinners from my repertoire. Cause there is no way I am making two mac and cheeses for one meal. No. Way.

  3. I like macaroni in the shapes of my vanquished enemies.

  4. The shape macaroni does taste a lot different than the regular macaroni. Some people can't taste it, but myself and a friend of mine (we are both supertasters) can taste the difference.

    On another note, Kraft recently changed something with their recipes (probably using cheaper ingredients), and now I can't even touch the stuff.