Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mags: "That is such a cute baby! Aww, look at her, Mama."
Me: "That is you, Mags, when you were a baby."
Mags: "You must have loved me so much cause I was so cute!"

Chris and I took a trip down memory lane the other night. We both ended up teary-eyed from crying, laughing, and laughing-crying. I sometimes forget in the mundane, day to day, sleepless, hectic-ness just how much fun we had with our babies when they were very little. We were both saying how thankful we are for the technology available to us. That way we can take an obnoxious amount of video and pictures to document our kid's lives. That way, when Chris and I are old and rocking away on our front porch, we can look through videos and pictures and reminisce. 

I wanted to share a few videos that Chris put together years ago. They are a little over a minute each and still make me laugh the most whenever I watch them. It's amazing the games we played and the ones that worked in our zombie-like state. These little moments made us feel like we were "doing it right". Who needs all those fancy baby books anyways?

All you seem to need in these videos are the following things:
The ability to make sneezing noises, a cap full of water, and
 a bunny Pez dispenser. Simple, right? Take a look!


  1. Christie and I just listened to these-remembered them and STILL continued to laugh right along with them! Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing again!

  2. Every day should start with the sound of children laughing.
    Thanks for sharing this, Mel! Made my morning!

  3. Oh my! I don't think it gets any cuter than that!!!