Saturday, June 16, 2012


I follow other blogs and learn a lot from them. There are many different types of writing styles and clever posts. Some posts are done in a series. For example, my friend, Michele from ODNT had received numerous emails from two interesting brothers by accident. She was on their colorful email exchange for a while. For all of our enjoyment she posted these crazy exchanges between them. Since there were only 10 "episodes", she came up with a contest for her followers to write the closing letter between Bill and Jud. Below is my entry, but you can read her series and write your own letter here: 

Dear Jud,

You won’t believe what happened last night. Mrs. J and I were at the Power game, as usual, it being dollar beer night and all. Lucky for us we had three dollar bills between us.  I felt someone sit right beside me, way too close, youse know how that goes. It was Mrs. Bossy Pants. Since I hadn’t called her back and all, she knew where to find me. I thought for sure the six rows of the Palm Springer “men” would hide me, but you know I don’t miss a meal.  Anyways, I could see Mrs. J watching me at at the bottom of the stands while she was waiting for the brews.  Mrs. Bossy Pants was real mad. Since she had let me use her basement bathtub to make Mom’s home brew (thanks for the recipe), she told me I at least owed her a call back. A call back? What does that even mean? I don’t understand things like this. I guess I should have done a more thorough search in ‘dating two women at once’ when Mrs. J had me looking up ‘married men’ on the internets. Turns out I got sidetracked on those internets and found some more exciting things to look at. Did you know they have pictures of the woman form on there? (smile) So, Mrs. J made her way back to our seats with three beers. Her years waitressing at the local watering hole shows in how she can carry three beers at once. I was worried there would be a cat fight when they saw each other, but turns out beer is a woman soother. Who knew?  I bet the internets did. Wouldn’t you know it? Those two hens got along and chattered through most of the game. I was getting so ticked because all I wanted to do was to hear who was making hits and then I remembered your tactic. So, I whispered something about one of my internet searches to them real soft like and soon they were both screaming at the top of their lungs at me. Fingers were being pointed and they were in my face. Security was up in the stands in a few minutes and asked them to leave on account of Mrs. Bossy Pants spilling her beer all over the couple of men in front of us. Once they were both gone, I sat and enjoyed the rest of my beer. At the end of the game I finally made my way down on the field for their weeekly ‘dig for a diamond’. This time I had my metal detector. If I find a real diamond, I’ll be sure to pawn it off and come visit youse. Here’s hoping I can get in the house tonight when I get home. If not, I’ll have to sleep in the pool. Hopefully I’ll talk to youse tomorrow or see you tomorrow. You never know.



  1. "Did you know they have pictures of the woman form on there? (smile)"

    Perfect! Love it! Mel, that was fabulous. You certainly did your homework. Thanks so much for linking up. Your entry is easily the best I've received so far. :)

    1. I took notes, Michele. Old school. With paper and a pen. I was serious. :)

  2. That was perfect!! You were channeling Bill, I know it. Great job!

  3. Youse did a good job with this. I hear the prize is a dollar bill!!!

  4. the perfect woman can hold 3 beers! Probably even better when it's just the two of you and she doesn't drink.
    Well done, you captured their 'thinking' perfectly!