Monday, June 11, 2012


Tuck walking by my computer screen: "MAMA! MAMA!" *pointing*
Me: "What? What is it?"
Tuck: "What's this on your computer?"
Me: "That's called Twitter. It's a bunch of people on a website talking to each other."
Tuck: "So you have people you know on here?"
Me: "Yes. I 'follow' people and then they 'follow ' me back."
Tuck: *looking closely* "Mama, did you know CAT WOMAN is following you?"
Me: *looking* "Oh, no. That's my friend Michele. She's wearing a black mask in her picture for Mardi Gras."
Tuck: "No. That's Cat Woman. And she's on here. WOW!"
Me: "Okay. She's Cat Woman."
Tuck: "I'm gonna go tell Mags that Cat Woman is your friend. AWESOME!"

(I wrote out the above conversation in my 'blog notes' back in February. 
I've been waiting to use it in a post and I am finally getting the chance.)

The definition of a blog is this: a Web site containing the writer's own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

When I started my very own blog, I was nervous. I was the new girl walking into a room full of unknown people. Would people like me? Should I bring some beer? Where do I find bloggers that are like me?  I decided the only way to find them was to start looking. So, after nights of searching and reading other blogs, I fell upon a name.

It caught my eye immediately and I HAD to know what it was about. “Old Dog New Tits”. I immediately thought: “A blog about boob jobs”. One click and my whole opinion changed. I was captured by her impressive writing style, wit, humor and overall variety she provided. Her blog did begin with her researching breast augmentation and reporting her findings from different doctors and appointments. However,  like a rollercoaster,  life took over. She’s had ups and downs, twists and turns, and a few loopty-loops that made my stomach turn for her.  As the months have gone by since I found her, her blog has evolved. She fits the definition above perfectly by writing out her own experiences, observations and she often posts HILARIOUS images, such as this one.

Saturday she did a tweet series for Johnny Depp’s birthday. In this series of tweets (that had me laughing out loud), she mentioned that it was her birthday in two days...MONDAY! I tried to think of what I could do for her birthday and soon realized I would need back up. But who? Who could help me think of something silly? Our mutual blogger friend El Guapo, of course. So Guap and I  conspired for a little bit and decided we would celebrate her big day on our blogs. Guapo’s post on ODNT can be found here. It sums her up well and shows off his clever humor.

Happy Birthday to my friend, Michele...ODNT....Old Dog New Tits. Thank you for the daily laughs and creative inspiration. I look forward to the many more adventures we all get the share with you.

Below are some posts (or series of posts) of hers that are my favorites. I thought it would be a good idea to share them with all of you.These should get you started. Enjoy!

Who she is and how she got started
The Day Things Got Hairy At Disney World

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Kleinpeter Dairy Farms
A Disney Vacation in Tweets
Trifecta: Waterproof

ALL the ODNT Jr. Posts


  1. Too funny - I was wondering how you were going to work Tuck/Mags opener into this one.
    Great post! The blogosphere definitely has the coolest people in it!


    1. I've had that convo in my back pocket for months. Glad I could use it. :)


    I am so very honored that you took the time to do this for time. My family isn't even awake yet and I'm already smiling from ear to ear.

    Thank you to you and the Guapo for being such great friends to me here. I can't wait for the adventures to continue. (Wink.) We need to fill Guap in about August.

    Thanks again SOOOOOOOO much! I love you, guys, M

    1. You are more than welcome! Have an awesome day! You deserve it.

  3. I want to see Michele in the Catwoman costume. Happy Birthday bad ass nerd with bad ass nerd friends.

  4. Wonderful shout-out to your friend--will go check her out now! :)

  5. I look forward to checking the links. Birthday wishes! I will now go and check out Old Dog new tits. That's hard to say with a straight face. :+)

    1. You'll have just as hard a time keeping a straight face on her blog. She's a very funny writer!