Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Mags: "I CAN'T DO IT! I can't get this baby's hand in her shirt. Forget it. I.GIVE.UP!"
Tuck: "Mags, did you ask for help?"
Mags: "No! But it won't work. I can't do it!"
Tuck: "Want me to help you?"
Mags: "Yes, please. I thought you were never gonna ask me."
Tuck: "How 'bout I show you how and then you can try it?"
Mags: "How 'bout you do it for me and I'll try next time?"

I agree with her...sometimes. Whenever I try to do something new that takes more than a few tries to get,  I have been known to become easily frustrated. I  try to step away from whatever it is before I get too overwhelmed. However, I have found as I age that I have developed some horrible procrastination strategies. Especially if it is a time sensitive project I'm working on. 

Here's the steps I go through in my brain:

1. I have time. It's only Sunday and I have until Tuesday. I'll take a break from it and figure it out later.
2. I'm going to work on it today (Monday) during Mags' nap. Oh, look, Jaws is on. I'll just watch a little bit.
3. Mags is up. 
4. Tuck just got home from school.
5. The kids are occupied. I can work on it now, but I still need to get my run in. I can figure out that thing when they go to bed.
6. Ahhh, they are in bed (Monday night). Now I'm going to figure this out! What's that? Yes, sure, I'd love to hang out with you, Chris and watch a quick show. It's only a half-hour.
7. Just one more episode? Why not? I still have all night.
8. Done with TV and husband time. Now, to get to work! Sit down at the computer. Check the 16 notifications and 14 interactions on my social media sites. Ahhhhh! It's 11:00PM.
9. 11:05PM brain slowly shuts down, eyes begin to cross. I can get up really early. I'll just set my alarm. YAWN!
10. Tuesday morning. PANIC! I have an hour before everyone gets up to get this done! GO, GO, GO!

Usually it turns out alright and I end up figuring out whatever it is while simultaneously shooting my blood pressure through the roof. But it gets done. And I am usually researching or asking my friends for help during my time of procrastination. And like Mags, I'm always secretly hoping someone will offer to just do it for me, too, but what good would that do me? 

Plus, I don't have the cuteness factor that she does.

According To Mags
<a href="http://www.accordingtomags.com" target="_self"><img src="http://i1054.photobucket.com/albums/s492/accordingtomags/th_9feb125c.jpg" alt="According To Mags" width="125" height="125" /></a>

This, by the way, was the project I was working on. 
It's how to make a button for your blog. 
I've never made one. The coding and HTMLing 
was frustrating, but I finally got it! 

Many thanks to my friends who steered me in the right direction
 and this great website!


  1. You got it done and it looks great!
    I prefer to do this stuff in short continuous bursts until I get sorted.
    Which works, as long as someone else is using the playstation...

  2. Yay! I grabbed it, Mel. I GRABBED YOUR BUTTON.

    (It sounds so terrible but I just mean I'm helping to promote ATM. Sheesh.)

  3. Woohoo! Isn't it cute? My button, I mean. :)

  4. Just FYI...You totally have the cuteness factor ;)

  5. This is EXACTLY how I operate! So funny. But even though I want someone else to do it, I'm never as happy with how they did it as opposed to how I would have done it. I'm awful.