Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If I Can Make It There...I'll Make It Anywhere

Mags: "Mama, when you leave for your trip today, I'm gonna freak out. I can just feel it."
Me: "Me too, Mags. Me too."

I went to a conference this weekend. It gave me multiple opportunities to learn more about writing, blogging, podcasting, and do a little networking. The conference was a first for me, along with leaving my whole family behind and meeting up with my friend, Michele of ODNT, that I've met through writing the blog (like eHarmony...but ours would be eBlogony). We both had a blast, learned a lot of new information to improve our writing and obtained some new life experience. Michele made a comical list of things when she got home of what she took away from the conference. You can read her post here. I decided to continue on with this brilliant idea by adding to what we learned.

Make A Great First Impression: If you plan your flight arrival time to be 20 minutes difference between your friend's, you are sure to hear on the intercom before boarding the flight, "Your plane is out of service". Since she is traveling from a completely different state than you, she'll be unreachable on her cell since she is already in the air. If you want to be sure she knows you'll be late and you'll now be boarding when she is landing, put it on Twitter, Facebook, and send her 17 texts so when she she lands and turns on her phone, you'll be the first panic stricken texts, DM's, and tweets she'll see. That will give her a comforting, welcoming feeling that she is rooming with a completely psychotic mess. Thank you for loving me, Michele. *sigh*

Stay Hydrated And Well Fed: When you finally find your friend, carry a bottle of water with you at all times. You will without a doubt talk non-stop for four days straight. If you aren't talking, you'll be speed walking through the blocks of NYC to go sight seeing with any spare time you have. You'll also be eating Knish...lots of random hours of the day, night, and VERY early morning. Knish is delish (that should be it's new slogan). 

Trust Technology: If you are in a nicer hotel, their mini bar is most likely based on a sensor. So...if you take out all the drinks in the mini bar in order to make room for the free yogurt you got at the conference, be sure that you are prepared for an additional $150.00 charge on your bill. Then when you explain to the man at the front desk what you and your friend did, be prepared for a look of concern for your lack of common sense. He'll be sure to worry about how you both are even getting around the city on your own.

Your iPhone Is Your Friend: Take pictures of anything that you need help remembering. For example...if you empty the mini bar fridge (see above) in your hotel room, be sure to take a picture of where each can goes. That will save you and your friend from having to keep anything extra in your already overwhelmed brains. 

Act Cool: When you meet a blogger, such as Let Me Start By Saying, who you read a lot and you've never seen in real life, don't jump up and down and yell "YOU'RE LET ME START BY SAYING!!! YOU'RE LET ME START BY SAYING!!" She knows who she is. She'll act nervous and back away from you. And of course, you're going to be the only one jumping around like a monkey. That's so silly. Who would do that? (ahem)

If you spot a celebrity: Ask politely to take a picture. It is most likely a once in a lifetime thing. Just do it! (And plant a tree, for goodness sake.)

Be Thankful Your Roommate Isn't A Serial Killer: Thank your sweet friend for their constant support and encouragement throughout the conference. Then hope you haven't scared her off and she'll want to do it again with you in the future.

Dance Like No One Is Watching: Especially do that in the middle of Times Square...while eating a Knish...and wearing your friend's princess crown. Then have your friend snap a picture of it. 

Don't Leave Your Friend Out: Also take the most random photos of your friend. That way, you will have leverage when she posts photos of you dancing in a crown in Times Square. (Seriously, she works that black lipstick!)

Cry It Out: Be prepared to be knocked over by your kids as they bolt towards you when you come off the plane. Don't be surprised when you find yourself crying hysterically in the middle of baggage claim while your husband snaps pictures. Who cares? 

It's the best feeling in the world!
(Even when an entire plane load of people are staring at you.)


  1. For some reason I thought you and Michele knew each other away from the internets. cool you got to meet this way and got along.

    getting to see a picture of Kim after reading her for two years is awesome.

    welcome back.

    1. Thanks, Lance. I know. It feels like we've known each other for 16 years. :P

  2. I can't believe you left out the part about us screaming f-bombs at each other when we realized who each other was. We's gots the klass, baybay!

    It was great to meet you, you adorable little thing with a potty mouth and wildly gesticulating arms!

    1. I LOVE that you keep describing my arms as GESTICULATING. :)

      I was very excited to meet you. I couldn't include the F bombs due to my mom reading my blog. She thinks I'm the driven snow. Heehehe.

  3. Sounds like you guys had a blast! I have been to NYC many times but I have to ask, what the hell is a Kinish? xo

    1. OOPS, it's Knish. I spelled it wrong. It's mashed potatoes wrapped in fried yumminess. DELISH KNISH!

  4. Lance .... I know, right?
    Kim ... Um, everyone's language was a little dicey. I blame kidlessness and booze.
    SGP ... The only way anyone should ever eat a potato.

    Mel, I loved it. The Dancing-in-Times-Square one is my favorite. It's a good thing we did that in complete sobriety so we can remember it all. (Was I wearing your glasses at that point?)

    Know that I thought you were crazy before we met ... and nothing has changed now. I'll bet people thought you were returning from Afghanistan at the airport. For mission work. Because you have that, you know, vibe.

    JESSICAAAAAAA!!!! (We're the only ones who think that's funny.)

    1. Oh, phew. I'm so glad you still think I'm crazy. I was worried you'd think I was "normal". :) NEVAH!

      I like the mission work vibe. Was it the tomato red dress?

      WTF, WTF?

  5. "I'm gonna freak out. I can just feel it". Sooo cute. I love how you met up with your bloggy friend in real life and roomed with her. It's kind of more romantic than internet dating. I don't know why. It's sweet though.

    1. HAHA! I know, Laura. We kept calling it online dating. She was as cool in person as I expected and we got along very well. :P