Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ketchup With Us #1

It's here, it's here! Our very first link-up. Michele at ODNT and I have paired up to bring you some shenanigans of the ketchup variety. If you are staring at this post thinking, "What in the world is this girl talking about?"...visit this post. It give you the less than 3 minute Cliff's Notes version of our creation.  

So, I guess I should go over the official rules and such. *clearing throat*

You in the back, please put your hand down. We haven't even started. What? Yes, yes, I'm sure Michele brought cheese. No, I don't know what kind. But that girl knows her cheese, so I'm sure you will be more than satisfied with her choices. Are we set? Okay. Let's get this party started!

On the 1st and 15th of every month, Michele and I will post a picture or video on our blogs (we'll each have the same picture so you can link up with either of us). 

Along with the picture will be a writing prompt. We ask that you respond to the prompt in 57 (yes, FIFTY-SEVEN) words or less. You can write a story, poem, experience, post your own picture, a song you wrote in the shower or whatever strikes your fancy. All we ask is for your creativity (and we know you guys have PLENTY of that)! We will also post a "featured blogger" each week from the previous week's link-up that poured it out on their blog.

Here's how to get started with the link-up:

1. Follow Michele and Mel on Twitter.
2. Follow Michele and Mel on Facebook
3. Post fancy shmancy 'Ketchup With Us' badge (below) in the body of your post. 

ketchup with us
<a href="" target="_self"><img src=&#34" alt="Ketchup With Us" width="125" height="125" /></a>

4. Use the hashtag #KetchupWithUs on Twitter to help us spread the ketchup.
5. Have fun with it! Let's bring out the ketchup in you...together! 


Tell us in 57 words or less the best advice you have ever received from someone older than you or that you admire.

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