Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Dear Shark Week,

My husband and I found you in the Summer of '05 while laying in a hospital bed at three-o-clock in the morning. It was our umpteenth trip to the Labor and Delivery floor at the hospital. We'd spent lots of time in that place throughout June, July and August in the wee morning hours . It was our son's favorite time to try to make a grand escape from my belly. 

You know what is great about being up at 3AM in labor? Nothing. And when you're in labor, you're WIDE AWAKE.  What else is there to do when you are tethered to a bed by IV's and blood pressure cuffs but watch TV?  We suffered through re-runs of Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah's couch and Jerry Springer that summer. 

So, a few weeks later when we were admitted for the final visit we made to Labor and Delivery (thank goodness), we bumped into you on TV. My attention was caught. I'll be honest, if I am surfing the channels and I see a shark, I automatically stop to see what it's about. Jaws is a movie I can and have watched more times than I can count. As we settled  in for some serious laboring, we were so thrilled to have found you. Sharks, sharks, sharks galore. There were myths being busted, sharks being recreated, and stories of attack being told. It was constant entertainment for as many hours as we would need. 

Turns out, being in a shark cage might have been less scary and intense than the next THREE days of my labor. However, I can honestly say that you...and my anesthesiologist kept me distracted and got me through the pain. Since that time, whenever we hear Shark Week is coming up, we always feel a twinge of nostalgia. We learned a lot those three days about sharks...and birthing babies, too. To us, you will forever have a part in the birth of our son. 

 We hope you swim on for years to come! 

Your Fans,

Mel and Chris


  1. Not too many people can say they shared their birthing experience with a shark. That makes you super cool!

    (PS, this is Steph from what was The Healthy Mom. I changed my blog name today.)

  2. Wow - one of the few positive things I've seen about tv.
    does Tuck enjoy shark week with the two of you?

    Great story!

    1. He does. But only the rated G. Factual stuff. No attack stories or anything. :)

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  4. THREE DAYS??? Holy shit girl, that is amazing! I'm glad you had something to help you get through it. THREE DAYS??? I had a hard enough time with 5 hours. You are my hero.

    Thanks for linking up my friend!