Friday, August 10, 2012


Mags: "All the other kids with their warmed up kiss."
Tuck: "It's 'pumped up kicks' Mags. Can you hear it?"
Mags: "No it's not. It says 'warmed up kiss'. Can YOU hear it?"

Our house is usually rockin' with some sort of music. We always try to keep it kid friendly when we are in the car or at home. Chris and my iPods are loaded with all types of children's music. There are hundreds of songs with all different styles, themes and animals in them. I often will find myself bee bopping around the house to these songs. Since both the kids have heard (and requested) the same music over and over and over and over again, they have the words to these catchy tunes memorized. Chris and I do, too. We often hear each other humming a tune about a moon, a meltdown,  or a firetruck.

However, there is only so much one can take. I have started to turn on my "big girl music", as Mags calls it, more and more. It's not like I listen to rap or death metal. I'll admit that I do like a good "poppy" song now and then. And believe me, if I don't really like it in the beginning, the radio stations will pound that song into my head over a month so many times that I'm the one singing it as I push my cart through don't know, oh oh, you don't know you're beautiful! See?!?

Unfortunately for all those around me, I'm the queen of getting the lyrics wrong. Who has time to memorize the exact words to every song they sing? Okay, okay, you do. I'm impressed. I don't take the time. Instead, I just make up lyrics. My husband does, too. It's much easier and most times, it makes for a much more entertaining tune. We could never repeat most of the lyrical genius we produce, but they make for a funny moment. And of course we're usually using the sweet melody to one of our kid's beloved favorites.

The past few months we've heard Mags pick up on our fun little game. She'll often make up words to the melodies she has recently jammed to. For example, she'll sing about how she's eating blueberries when she really wants fruit snacks, but it's 6 in the morning and her Mama said no. That could be a country hit if she threw a dog and a truck in there somewhere.  

Sometimes, though, she'll hear words to a song wrong and no matter how many times you tell her the correct words, it doesn't matter. She's heard it the way she's heard it and there is no changing her mind. My favorite example is her quote at the top. It actually improves the song, in my opinion. So, while you are all rocking out at home with your kids (or by yourself), remember to give them a "warmed up kiss". Those are the REAL words. Mags swears by it.

And, really, who would want to interrupt this jam session?


  1. I always thought bananas made the best microphones. Rock it, Mags!

  2. The child is clearly brilliant! And, man, can she rock!
    I'll have to tell you our "Tiny Dancer" story sometime. We Raggs are famous for our lyrical interpretation!