Saturday, September 29, 2012

DO Carry A Spare Pair Of Underwear...DON'T Wear It At The Same Time

Mags and I went in to use the bathroom at the restaurant. I noticed while Mags was sitting on the toilet that she had two pairs of underwear on. I couldn't help myself. I had to ask.

Me: "Honey, why do you have on TWO pairs of undies?"
Mags: "Cause you just never know, Mama."

Recently we (Michele from ODNT and I) received a few autographed books in the mail called 'The Underwear Book' from the New York Times Best Selling Author,Todd Parr. He was releasing the book as a paper back and asking "Mommy Blogger" types to give it away on their blog. Both having children who are avid readers, we loved the idea!

So, once we got our copies, Michele and I decided to do a giveaway together. We text each other about the content of the book. Its vibrant illustrations and educational concept of opposites caught my interest immediately. Todd gives you helpful suggestions on what you DO with your underwear and what you DON'T do with your underwear. It's a real crowd pleaser. See?

"Mama, Tuck said 'underwear'! <insert crazy laughter>

For example, one of the Do's and Dont's are as follows:

"DO wash your underwear" but "DON'T use too much soap."

There is a funny illustration for this one of a cat that looks very similar to Michele's cat, Milo the Magnificent. He's perched on top of a washer machine with soap bubbles all around him. Give it up, Milo. We know it was you. And someone needs to check the bubbles because I'm pretty sure Herve, their hamster, is floating away in one of them.

Tell me they don't look suspiciously similar.

Between the two of us, we have three autographed copies to give away.


  1. Create your own DO & DON'T for underwear and put it in the comment section of either of our blogs. Michele's post is here. PG-rating, please. It is a children's book.
  2. The winners will be chosen by us, as we have been wearing underwear for years and feel qualified to make this decision.
  3. The deadline to enter is October 6th at noon. Winners will be announced by midnight that same day.

Let the DOing & DON'Ting begin!


  1. Okay, this may be for a slightly older set but I gotta share because I want it to come true:
    DO pick your underwear up off of your bedroom floor. DON'T drop it on the floor in front of the hamper. ("It doesn't count as cleaning up," screams the voice in my head.) Ellen

  2. I posted this on the other link by mistake. Still one entry though. :)

    Do wear (clean) underwear on your head and sing fun songs to be silly.

    Don’t tell other Mommies at the park what color “big girl underwear” Mommy is wearing.

    (This happened. To me. Gotta love 3 year olds!)

    1. You made no mistake, Dominique. You can post your entry on EITHER of our Underwear Posts. Now you're just twice as entered. :)

  3. DO throw out any underwear with holes (Mommy) or skid marks (child or possibly Daddy) that you may find as you fold the laundry. If you find Cheese Curl stains...

    DON'T panic. Daddy has just been in some crazy mock wrestling match with the kids and has obviously lost. Spray said undies with Shout and re-wash.

  4. If you are a one year old with older brothers and mommy is doing the laundry, DON'T put your brothers' dirty underwear on your head.

    No matter what age you are, DO wear fun, colorful underwear with cute pictures that makes you feel good all day long (Superman for the boys, Hello Kitty for Mommy).

    Thanks for doing this - how fun! I'll have to check back to see what everyone says.:)

  5. Heres one that is unfortunatly a true story.

    Do where underwear under your clothes at all times.

    Do not take your underwear off at school because you feel that it does not match your dress. Then if you do, Please do not proceed to tell people.

  6. DO wear some underwear on your head if you're in a silly mood. It gives everyone a good giggle.

    DON'T wear dirty underwear on your head if you're in a silly mood. That's just gross.

  7. DO wear long underwear in winter.
    DON'T trim them to shorts in the summer.