Thursday, September 20, 2012


Mags: "Look at these tap shoes, Mama. They have a toe tapper and a back toe tapper."
Me: "Pretty cool. I think that one's called a HEEL tapper in the back."
Mags: "Nope. Sorry, Mama. You weren't in there. It's a back toe tapper."

Mags has begun to take ballet, jazz and tap. She was especially excited to put on her tap shoes the SECOND we bought them and "tappa, tappa, tappa" all over the place. Having danced most of my young life, I know that invigorating feeling of getting your new ballet and tap shoes for the year, a fresh leotard, and your cute little bag to put it all in. Something like this: 

So, when we arrived at the studio, Mags was in full ballerina mode. The leotard was bedazzled, her waist was tutued (I made that word up) and her shoes were ready to go. I walked into a small waiting room where the "dance moms" all sat waiting patiently. I thought for sure I'd be able to watch her through a glass window in the door or something, but nope. The studio doors were solid and the teacher shuts them so the galloping group of four-year-old girls won't get distracted. 

There went that plan. What was I going to do for 45 minutes? Let's see. I could have written a story, a post, or answered emails. Those were all doable from my phone. As I hemmed and hawed over my choices, I realized it was nice to just sit there. To allow myself to sit there...and not do anything. 

So, there I sat and before I knew it the doors flew open and like doves being released from a cage, six little four-year-old ballerinas came flying out yelling,


I raced to put them on Mags' wiggling feet and get her back into the studio to her teacher. The door was open while the other girls bounded back in and stomped their way across the shiny floor to hear the noise those magical tappers made. I grabbed my phone and turned on the camera. I wanted to try to catch a picture of her in class while the doors were still open. I looked around and caught Mags' eye. She caught mine and then this is the picture I took of her in class.

Perfect! That' my girl.
So tonight, I'm following in Mags' footsteps foot stomps. I'm taking an adult ballet class for the first time in almost twenty years. Here's hoping that whole "coordination" thing kicks back in. I've seemed to have lost it along the way and trip over air...frequently. But I'm looking forward to it.

Plus, I got a new pair of ballet shoes, too.


  1. Can't tell you how cool it is, and how proud I am of you for jumping (plie-ing?)in to dance classes.

    Hope you have asmuch fun as you remember (and as it sounds like Mags is having)!

    1. Thanks, Guap! It was a blast. :P

      Mags is having so much fun. She has a really great ear for music and some cute little rhythm. More pics to come!

  2. That's awesome Mel! I bet Mags is excited for you too.

  3. That is so great that you get to dance while your daughter does! I hope classes are fun and that you get some time to enjoy something for you and you alone. I bought my little girl a pair of tap shoes at a rummage sale. I know she'll die when she puts them on, but alas, we live in an apartment and our downstairs neighbor will kill us.

    Happy dancing!!

    1. Thanks, Keesha. Yes, not the best idea for tap shoes on the upper floor. :P

  4. Sorry - I'm that monolpolizing stalker commenter, but I LOVE that Tappa, Tappa, Tappa Simpsons episode.
    Fave quote, "Lisa's bad dancing makes my feet sad." HA!!!!

    1. You are not. I love comments. AND YES IT IS! Go, you!

  5. Oh, how fun for both of you! I wish I wasn't so rhythmically challenged. I always wanted to have the grace of a ballerina, instead of that of a rabid water buffalo.
    The closet I have come is The New York City Ballet Workout. I used the book because I couldn't really even keep up with the video: pathetic. But I felt all lithe and stretchy while I did it.
    Can't wait to hear more about your class and see more photos of your tiny dancer.

  6. Oh I read this and just SMILED and did a shuffle ball change. ;) I was actually just telling a friend how much I loved tap and when we moved up from the flat tap shoes to the Mary Janes with the 2 inchheel I began my love affair with shoes and the clip clop of Tapping!

    How exciting that you are taking a ballet class, I would take a tap class right now if I could find one. So I can't wait to hear how it goes...break a leg my friend. Xo

  7. I love that picture of Mags. What a character! How great that you are taking dance, too! I never took dance as a child, but some teacher friends and I took a class once at the local theater. I remember the exhilarating feeling when the music came on and I did the steps. I felt like a real dancer (even though it lasted, like, two minutes). Have a great time, and looking forward to hearing more about Mags's - and your - dance class.

  8. uhdoor uh bull

    I love the picture of her sticking her tongue out

  9. Love this one. And I told the "back toe tapper" story to people who don't know you or Mags today. Too cute.

    P.S. I can't wait to come to your recital. Please save me an aisle seat.

  10. Ahh I remember spending many hours waiting for my 2 girls to come out of their dance classes. I made some friends, got school work done and even read some books. (these were before the days of tablets :). I almost :) envy you this journey. Both of my ballerinas are now grown and one is pregnant with her second child, although she still does pregnant pilates and the younger one still takes classes. Have fun and take lots of pictures!