Saturday, November 17, 2012


Mags: "It's okay, Mama. I'll just tell myself I did a great job. GREAT JOB, MAGS!"

That was what Mags said to me as I was getting in the car yesterday morning. You know, as I was juggling my coffee mug, keys, purse, Tuck's backpack he forgot, Mags' show and tell "F" item she forgot, two winter coats both kids forgot and paperwork I needed to turn into the school, all while answering a barrage of questions from Tuck about fog (the boy knows I cannot resist inquiries about the weather). 

So I didn't hear Mags' little chipmunk voice over all of my grunting and Tuck's queries. No worries. That girl was serious. She gave herself a huge pat on the back. And as soon as I shoved everything in the car, including myself, I made sure to give her a high five. That's when she followed up with,

"And Tuck showed me which feet they go on."

I was so proud. I made sure to turn around in my seat for another round of high fives to both of them for working together.  It has been many a morning that we had to rush to get to the bus on time and our teamwork made it happen. We still have the occasional, 

"I didn't hear you ask me to get my socks and shoes on." 

It seems that Legos hold a unique power of shutting out the world around children. Once they are sucked into its vortex, the only way to get them back is by physically taking their hands and moving them to where you want them to go. Sink. Toothpaste. Brush. Teeth. 

But, in reality,  I am grateful that they are growing to be pretty much self-sufficient (in the teeth brushing and putting on shoes department). Yes, we all still have some work to do and some Legos to ignore, but overall, when we work together, success happens. 

Car. Bus Stop. Kisses. 
Have a great day!

Speaking of teamwork, I started a project with my friend, Michele from ODNT. We are writing bi-monthly articles about parenting topics for a site called Manilla. Our first article is called "Teaching Your Children To Give Back". We'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Yay! Great job on that post, Mel! (pat, pat) I really hope I get to one, too. (high five) Thanks for promoting our little project! (shoves a treat, probably meant for cats because I don't have anything else lying around in your mouth)

    1. Please let it be bacon flavored. Please let it be bacon flavored!

    2. Do you even know me? What are you going to offer me next? Focolate? ;)

  2. You've got a great little team there. They *do* have wonderful role models. Also, I loved the article on Giving Back! Yet, another great team.

  3. Thanks, Kari!! I appreciate your sweet words. :)

  4. Ah yeah, working together...My little ones are not there yet, still jealous of each other more than in a mood to cooperate. When did it start to happen? I m looking forward to this moment! :)

  5. Such good stuff is happening in your house and in your world!
    Big high five with bacon!