Thursday, December 13, 2012

Da Tooth

Tonight, we were dining at a delicious hamburger joint when the following conversation occurred with our son: 

Me: "Buddy, we need to get that tooth out tonight."
Tuck: "NO.WAY! Don't touch it. It will hurt."
Chris: "It's okay. We won't touch it."
Me: "Right. Whenever you're ready. But seriously, that tooth is hanging on by a thread."
Chris: "Let's change the subject. Who wants to go to the toy room and play dodgeball when we get home?"
Mags and Tuck: (in unison) "I do! I do!"
Chris: "Perfect. It'll be fun. You guys remember how to play, right? We try to get the other person out by hitting each other with the balls?"
Mags: "Oh, yeah, baby!"

(Quiet interlude of chewing, french fry dipping, sipping of drinks)

Tuck: "Hey! Wait a minute. I see what you're doing. You just wanna knock my tooth out with the ball! You can't trick me."
Chris: "Well, there goes that plan."
Mags: "BUSTED!"

But honestly, anytime now would be great!  


  1. Smart kid! Has it fallen out yet? I used to let mine hang by a thread when I was young, too.

    1. Me too, Kathy. Ewwww!

      Alas, Mags was the one who got it out by reaching over for something and banging her hand into his mouth. We should have hired her days ago! :)

  2. Cute post. Next time suggest a pillow fight! :)

  3. Great post! Great cyber-getaway you've built here!