Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Almost Friday Foolishness

Me: "Want to ask Guap to meet up for dinner while we are in NYC?"
Michele: "Sure. Not sure where. He'll have a good idea of where to eat. Or maybe we could go over to his house and have Pot Roast while he does Sunday Night Cook Off!"
Me: "Perfect. Now, let's think of how to invite ourselves."


In this corner of Twitter is El Guapo
He's the cooker, the cleaner, and the beer drinker.

And in the other corner of Twitter is According To Mags. 
She's the commenter, the cheerleader and the drooler.

What are we cooking tonight? Well, there have to be mushrooms, shallots and beer. (It's an inside joke.) So, my dear Guapo, for your birthday, I would like to share with you a recipe for your #SundayNightCookOff that I have tried and very much enjoyed. Since it is something I am able to make (besides a bowl of cereal, Quinoa, and ODNT's Squash Soup) you can be sure that you will be able to make it lickety split. 

Here we go...drumroll please! It is called:

by the Pioneer Woman. 

She uses Budweiser in hers (it being the King of Beer and all) but I prefer to throw in a Sam Adams Holiday Porter (one for the stew, two for me). A cook must stay hydrated and relaxed! And, of course, throw in those mushrooms and shallots. They know how to make a good thing even better. 

So, for everyone reading out there, please give El Guapo a big wave with your oven mitts. Not only is he one of the most upstanding gentlemen I know, but he is also adventurous. I swear that is why he connects with my Mags' posts so well. He bungee jumps off bridges and Mags zip lines in our living room. Is it any wonder I chose this song for Today's Music? 

You jump in to help, you jump in for support, you jump in for a laugh, and you jump into a harness to jump OFF a bridge.  THANK YOU for your genuine friendship. You are a person Chris and I feel it is an honor to know. 

Happy Birthday, Guap. 
Here's to many, many more (birthdays and beers).

And I am just one of MANY people wishing you a happy day 
across the Bloggerverse. 

Visit M3's post to view them all! 


  1. Bravo, Mel! Well done! One day we will cook together, and what a night that will be for all of us!

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself. Trust me I tried. ;)

  3. Great post, Mel. I love the exchange at the top. Little do people know that (sadly) it is 100% true. (We are so uncouth.) And one day we need to work on my layout. Yours is just so damned readable compared to mine which looks like a before picture from "Hoarders."

    Oh, yeah. And Happy Birthday, Guapo ...

  4. Any hint that you and Ms. ODNT are coming to NYC makes me run in my wheel a little faster.

  5. So great foolishness! Jump is a fab choice in song! He is going to so love this! Yum! So much is better with beer in the recipe. :)

    Happy birthday, Guapuel!

  6. Yes! Both to El Guapo's birthday, and to staying hydrated!

  7. In all honesty, I like the posts with Mags (and Tuck and you and Chris) because y'all are so much fun to hang around with, whatever is going on!

    I can't thank you enough Mel!
    (my jaw actually aches from smiling after reading.)

  8. Thanks for the laughs on the day honor a friend of many. Cheers to Guapo!