Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Not-So-Surprise Birthday

Chris: "I wonder what Mama got me for my birthday."
Tuck: "Daddy! We aren't going to tell you!"
Mags: "Yeah, we aren't going to tell you. But it's DEFINITELY not the zombie comics you like. Definitely.Not.Those."
Me: (shakes head)

I've never, ever, been able to surprise my husband. Keeping secrets about something exciting has never been my speciality. Honestly, I'd be the worst spy ever. However, this has always been one of my husband's talents. He has genuinely surprised me on several occasions in our many years together. 

So, here's to you, MR. I CAN KEEP SURPRISES ALL TO MYSELF GUY. We hope your birthday is full of ice cream cake, zombie comics and hobbit themes. D'oh! See? I couldn't even make it through this post without spilling the beans.


Thanks for always keeping me on my toes!


  1. Thanks for the awesome surprise today! I had no idea about the...the...the...okay I can't lie...but I LOVED it all without it being a surprise! Who says birthday presents need to be surprises anyway! I just revel in the fact that you got me thoughtful gifts you knew I'd never buy for myself! I'd say my best gift though, is being married to you! Now, let's get back to more posts about nose picking, shall we?

    Did you let her pick your nose for your birthday?

  3. Happy birthday to your wonderful Hubs! Hope you guys had a fun time celebrating.

    Incidentally, I cannot keep a secret either, and neither can my boys. Last year, at Christmas I got the, "Mommy, we did NOT get your present at the jewelry store." Too funny!

  4. that is adorable...happy Birthday to your awesome husband.
    you two look like you have a great time together and that is what a happy birthday and marriage looks like.


  5. and my kids "TELL" on me and the surprises all the time.
    damn 5 yr olds...;)