Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Mags: "Hey! Why aren't you in your pajamas? It's dark outside."
Me: "I know, but I'm going out with some friends tonight."
Mags: "Nobody told ME about this."

Mags. She's also known as my pint-sized keeper. Saturday night, one of my friends called and asked if I wanted to go out to see a band that was playing at a local joint. It was very spon...spon....what's that word? Spontaneous! That's it. I haven't been that in so long, I almost forgot.

Anyway, it turned out that the band we were going to see was the Sugar Hill Gang. You know who I'm talking about, right? Rapper's Delight. Hip hop, hippie to the hippie....oops, sorry. Good luck getting that out of your head today. 

So, after big crocodile tears from my darling Mags and a sweet whistle from my husband as I was headed out the door dressed in stainless clothes, I was on my way. I met up with my friends and we drove over to the bar. Once there, we were transported back to the 80's. The music was thumping, the DJ was jumping, and the young women bartenders sported neon head to toe...complete with matching leg warmers. 

We wasted no time dancing around and singing to every word to every song that we now hear on the 'Oldies' station. It. Was. Awesome. Then, the Sugar Hill Gang took the stage...many years have passed, mind you. They actually put on a great show. One of them had to take a breather about 15 minutes in, but overall, they kept up their hip hop, hippie to the hippie to the hop pace. It was impressive. And then, my friends and I saw an opportunity from across the room. 

One of the trio was making his way down the ramp to the floor. We all made our way over there just as he headed back up the ramp (of course). But, no worries.  I got my camera phone ready and then...I worked up my nerve. I stood at the bottom and waved at him. He saw us, smiled, danced back down the ramp and gave my friends and I a hug and a photo op.  It was a blast and I was so glad I dusted off my spontaneous side.

If not only for the opportunity to meet this guy! 

Great! Now you have THAT song stuck in your head.


  1. First of all I'm jealous that you saw the Sugar Hilll gang. Second your Mags sounds just like my Carly. I'm not allowed to do anything fun without her, Or at least her permission.

    I'm green with envy.

    So have you introduced Mags to their music yet?

  3. My kids call it my "meetings". Mom do you have a "meeting" tonight?
    they kiss me goodbye and hug me when I get home, in fact I love coming home from my "meetings" (nights out with the gals or just shopping by myself) and they greet me like I've been gone for a month. THOSE hugs, my favorite thing ever. :)