Monday, January 21, 2013

Because Who Can't Use a Little Help Getting Organized in 2013?

In our house, I'm the one between my husband and I that's considered "handy". If the faucet handle is broken, if the door is squeaky or if a framed picture needs to be hung on the wall, I'm your gal. However, don't ask me how to switch the wires around behind the TV to hook up the Wii or the DVD player. I have no idea. That's Chris' department. And we know our roles, our strengths and our weaknesses. We are like a fine tuned machine.

In fact, as I've grown, I've learned that any good partnership works along these lines. Appreciating what each of you has to offer and knowing how to work together to get the job done is invaluable. It's finding the partner that complements you that's the trick.

Over the past year, I've found a similar partnership in my friend, Michele, from the blog, Old Dog New Tits. We started by trading our short fiction pieces to proofread for one another. Then we started brainstorming ideas with one another. It has been a fun and productive collaboration with combined giveaways and a link-up we affectionately call, Ketchup With Us

That's why, when we were asked to contribute biweekly to the parenting column in the Lifestyle section of the Manilla blog, we accepted. In fact, Manilla, a site that helps you to manage and organize your home accounts, was recently named one of PC Magazine's Top 100 Websites of 2012 as well as an ABC News' App of the Week. 

Through this experience we have learned to work with each other in a whole new way. We've joked that we could be compared to curtain rods and curtains. Without the hardware of the curtain rod, where would the pretty curtains be hung? And without the curtains hung on the rod...well...the rods would be bare and lack pizazz and style. Besides, isn't that what a good partnership is all about? Making each other shine? 

As of this week, Michele and I have written five articles together. You can find all of these using the links below. Feel free to share them with others and thanks for your support!

Doable New Year's Resolution Ideas for Kids
Teaching Your Children To Appreciate What They Have 

And a big thanks to you, Michele. Coming up with titles for
 our articles is always my favorite part! 

Is one of your resolutions for the new year to be more organized? Manilla is a site that helps you manage any of your accounts — the babysitter, rent, the pool guy, the dog walker, a gym membership. You name it, you can manage it on Manilla. On January 1st, Manilla is launching their 'Get It Together Challenge', a New Year's promotion that will help you better organize your lives in 2013 . 

Learn more by clicking here. 

To register for Manilla's services click here.


  1. Awesome. I need to get more organized as well. Congrats on yall's articles!

    1. Thanks so much! I could use some help, too. I figure I'll get organized when Mags is 18. :)

  2. Thanks, lady. It's been fun and I 'spect there'll be lots more of it in the future. :)

    1. There better be, Michele. THERE BETTER BE!!! :)

  3. Fantastic! I had no idea you guys were getting a wider platform (but am not surprised at all.)

    Off to out their site.