Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hubs and I doing P90X together:
Hubs: "Whew. 30 sec break. Get some water, babe."
Me: Runs to the kitchen, come back w/ water and chewing. 
Hubs: "Thanks." (does a double take at me) "Are you eating chocolate?"
Me: "Yes. My sugar was low?"
Chris: (shakes head)
Me: "Now that's putting the X in P90X!" 

Chris asked for that workout program called P90X for Christmas. Have you heard of it? It's a home fitness program that's been around a for a while. 
Being a good wife, I made his Christmas wish come true. He was really excited to start his 90 days of toruture strength training via DVD with the creator and instructor, Tony Horton. He was so excited, in fact, that he asked me to do it with him. 

Oh. Man.

What a sweet gesture. I tried to get out of it and convince him that I'd just slow him down. Then I thought about it. To be honest, my running could use a little power behind it. Then, maybe I wouldn't huff and puff so badly after two miles. Plus, I remembered how much better I felt when I had a partner that motivated me during my runs. And beyond all of that, my husband would do it for me. (insert my Catholic guilt here

So Chris and I made a plan and have stuck to it for the past 12 days. I've definitely seen some improvements which have included: 

1. I don't spend the hour before my husband gets home from work coming up with lame excuses to get out of doing the workout. But I SWEAR that hangnail was looking REALLY infected.

2. I don't want to yell profantities at Tony, the instructor, whenever he introduces a new move or lift. 

3. I don't whimper like The Poky Little Puppy whenever Tony tells me to bend down, give him one more, or lift my leg higher.

4. I don't shoot daggers at the TV every time Tony tells me to "bring it".

5. I don't feel like I've been beaten with a stick the day after doing the workouts. The mild ache has now spread evenly all over my body. 

I DO still keep my sugar in check during every workout.


  1. I bet the Spiderman water bottle helps, too. ;) I've always wanted to try P90x - so you think I should?

    1. Totally helps! :)

      I'd say it's a great program. You can modify it to your ability and Tony, the instructor, really encourages that. Once you get past the first week, it's a lot better. I look forward to it now. :)

  2. oh c'mon Mel. PX90? Really. You make me feel soooooo lazy.
    Well I might be, just a little. But I have been doing DANCE 2 Nickolodean with Jacob and DUDE it's kicking my ass. LOL.

    I am impressed and where is that chocolate?