Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Emergency Numbers Make Me Nervous

Tuck: "Hey, Mama, I don't know what this is, but I just bit down really hard and then I heard a crunch and so I reached back and pulled this piece of tooth out of the back of my mouth."
Me: "In the back?  Open up and let me see."
Tuck: "I think it's bleeding." (opens mouth wide, blood pooling in the back of his mouth)
Me: "Oh. Yes. Wow. Yep. That's bleeding. Let's get you some gauze or a roll of toilet paper."
Tuck: "Nooooo, Mama. You're silly."
Me: (mumbling to self) "Nope...I'm serious."

Last week I wrote a post about the puke-a-thon that happened in our house while Chris was away. As if that wasn't exciting enough, there was also an incident with Tuck's tooth that happened the same exact time Mags started to toss her cookies all over the place. This is how it went down. 

Mags puked. Soon after, Tuck presented me with his bloody mouth and piece of what appeared to be his back molar. At some point in the past few months his six-year-old molars had erupted. After explaining to me that he was sitting on the sofa far away from Miss Pukes-A-Lot when he bit down, felt something weird, reached back and pulled out the piece of what he had handed to me. Along with a lot of blood. The mouth bleeds a lot.  

After texting and Facebook messaging a few friends (one being a dental hygienist), I was told to have him rinse with salt water and call the emergency number on the dentist's answering machine. I hate emergency numbers because I never know if "my emergency" is good enough. I know. I'm weird. You should have seen me moan and groan about calling the OB/GYN when I was contracting like a mad woman and obviously in active labor. I always feel like I'm bothering people. Again. I'm weird.

Anyway, I called. The dentist was very kind, especially it being a Friday night, and listened to what I described to him. We determined that it was, in fact, from his PERMANENT six-year-old molar. His next words were simple. 

"I need him at the office at 8:30AM so I can check him."  

We were told to do some more salt water swishing in the meantime. As we're in the bathroom doing this, Mags walks in, leans over the toilet and pukes. I was happy it was at least going in the toilet. Tuck heard the sound and spit out the bloody salt water all over my arm. Mags, thinking she was finished, leaned into me. It turned out she wasn't finished as she began to puke again...all over me.  

Short story long, we made it to the dentist in the morning after a very long and puke-tastic night. Mags was hanging over a bucket in the car, but didn't puke the whole drive to the emergency dental visit. The dentist got us right back and took a look at Tuck's tooth. There was a lot of "Hmmm's" and rechecking the piece of "tooth" I had brought in a bag with us. Finally he explained to me what was happening. 

It turns out that your jaw bone thins and "shed" to prepare for the permanent molars to erupt. Sometimes, a piece of the shed jaw bone will hitch a ride on the erupting tooth as it moves through the gum. That is what popped out first through Tuck's gum. And because it was a larger piece, it cut his gum up, causing all the blood. The tooth itself looked fine. BIG. HUGE. SIGH. OF. RELIEF. I felt better. Tuck felt better. After a few texts to Chris explaining the situation, he felt better. 

And Mags...well...let's just say that bucket came in 
handy the whole ride home. - Motherhood: Washing and bleaching everything in sight to rid your house of the puke smell only to find it's coming from your own shirt.


  1. Woah! I had no idea that could happen. Thank goodness!

  2. Isn't it crazy how everything happens at once. My house is like that too! I'm glad he's ok!

    1. Thanks. It was a little nerve wracking. Too much blood. UGH!

  3. Oh my lawrdy woman the laughs you give me!!!! First of all Emergancy number calling...sooooo right there with you!!! Also my goodness did you earn your superhero cape or at least your halo. What an event! You are one heck if a momma. What a juggling act with your daughter sick and the dentist and puke dodging and blood. Oh my! I am happy everything turned out ok ad I hope Maggie is feeling better.

    1. Thanks. I was nervous once I saw all the blood. The puke was the icing on the cake. HAHAHA! :)

  4. Motherhood: When it rains, it pours. It f*cking pours!

    I can remember declining Dave's offer to call the hospital when my labor started with Dean. "Nah." (grabbing stomach) "Don't bother her." (breathing heavily) "I'm fine." (gritting teeth) "Let's wait 'til they get a little closer."

    Glad everyone is on the mend. :)

    1. HAHA! We women are such pains in the butts sometimes. :) Thanks, and yes. We are. QUICK! Knock on something!

  5. Dude, you are a rock star mom!!!
    Whenever I question my decision to teach other people's children rather than birthing my own, a post like this reminds me that I am so not cut out for that shit! I am in awe of the ability moms have to balance all of those fluids, and panicking kids, and keep themselves calm enough not to scare the kids to death all at the same time. You are good stuff, lady!
    Thanks for sharing all of your stories with us.
    For the record, I am your go-to girl in a crisis, medical or otherwise. I am cool as a cucumber until it is all over and everyone is okay. Then I fall apart! WTF?