Thursday, February 7, 2013


Eye Doc: "What letters do you see up there?"
Mags: "They're pretty blurry. What letters do YOU see?"

Yesterday we went to get Mags' eyes checked. We had been noticing some signs that she was having difficulty. She'd shut her eyes, shake her head and tell us that "the blurries" were there again. 

Since we have an emergent reader on our hands, we didn't want to waste time. Both Chris and I wore glasses as kids. Chris actually had the corrective laser eye surgery our first year of dating. That's a whole blog post in itself. 

Anyway, we were happy to find out that our opthamologist also saw children. And they were beyond fantastic with her. Dr. Ana, who I saw many times for myself, was so excited to see Mags. She insisted that Mags touch all the instruments and "investigate" before she did anything. Dr. Ana explained what she was doing in detail. What I loved most was that she was directing all her explanations right to Mags. And, as you can imagine, Little Miss Mighty ATE IT UP! 

It took them very little time to realize the issue. Mags was having trouble seeing the letters that were further away from her. So, for example, the TV in our house 4-5 feet away from the couch would cause her eyes to tire and then blur. Dr. Ana put some corrective lenses in goofy frames and told us to walk around. Mags was thrilled that her "blurries" were gone...and that she was getting lots of smiles and looks from others in the hallway. 

After the walk, we picked out her real frames, which will be coming within the next week. What did the frames look like? 

You'll just have to wait and SEE.  

No, these are not them.


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  1. This is such a sweet story. And the doc was just perfect. It's weird, I had oral surgery the other day and the doc called me three times to see how I was doing. I guess there are a few great ones out there.

  2. Glad she doesn't have any hseitatio about wearing glasses!
    I've had mine since I was about 11.

  3. That is fantastic! You have such an incredible little fireplug on your hands there, Mel. She is going to make a serious statement with whichever new glasses she gets. Of that, I am certain.
    Does your eye doctor do dental work? I've had the same dentist since I was three (he was also my first father-in-law), he retired almost two years ago and I haven't bee to the dentist since. I am terrified to see anyone else. I didn't go to the dentist after we divorced for six years, until they let me back - and that is a blog post in itself.
    Mags is my hero!