Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Mags: "I love signals. When I do this (puts hand up) it means, STOP RIGHT THERE!"

Last night Chris was scratching the side of his nose at dinner.  I looked up and said to him, 

"Is it time to go?" 

Then we both burst our laughing, leaving our children staring at us like we'd finally lost it. Mags, not one to tolerate a private joke she's not included in, inquired right away. 

"What the heck are you guys laughin' about?"

Chris and I explained how we used to have a signal for one another when we were out at a get together. It let the other one know when we were ready to leave. That way, we both knew when to wrap it up. It was a handy thing to have in our back pocket. If the other person wasn't ready, we'd just be respectful and maybe cut down on the time we were there. It was a secret agreement between us and it worked well. 

After we explained this to the kids, they reported that they never had seen us do that at any parties. Chris chuckled and retorted, 

"That's because we only ever go to kids' birthday parties...and those are over after the cake is eaten and presents are opened."

Basically, when we do get a chance to go to a grown-up party, we don't need the sign. We stay out as late as we can, which we've found among our about an hour or two past the kids' bedtime. What a bunch of old farts!  

Do you and your significant other have any signals? Feel free to share them (and make me feel normal) in the comments below. 

I'll start...


  1. Oh yes.. John. And I have many inside jokes that normally start with us quoting a movie or a comedian we both love like Jim Gaffigan or Mitch Hedburgh. 'doesn't anyone care about the dufranes?' I giggle just thinking about it.

    But when it's time to go.. It's normally just a look from one of us.. That says.. Time to blow this popsicle stand.

    You're right Mel these days we stay where we are without children as long as we can and even the kids birthday parties I enjoy because I love seeing the other moms.. They have become good friends. I say 'I don't know who likes these parties more.. Us or the kids'. Lol

    Hope you don't scratch your nose when we finally meet. ;-)

    1. NEVER! I'll be the one talking your ear off. :)

      And I love the inside joke thing. But, yes. We'd catch each other's eye and then couldn't decide what each of us meant. HAHAHA! We're such dorks!

  2. We're fond of the eye roll and the head twitch.
    We should probably find something more subtle...

  3. Exactly, Guapo. Often times, an extended stare (like the amount a psychopath would use) gets the point across without every utteringa syllable. :)


    1. the problem is, that would get confused with my "I am a psycopath!" stare, and then everyone would be confused...

    2. "like the amount a psychopath would use" new favorite line from ODNT.

      I hate when people confuse my "I AM a psychopath" stare for the "I'm ready to go home now, Honey." stare. Geez! :)

  4. First of all...your comments...CRACKING MY UPPPPP!!!! I don't really have a signal. I feel left out. I think I'm going to pull a Kirsten and come up with a line from a movie. Although I can totally see how that would work. I'd say the line to my hubs. He'd stare at me. I'd say it again all cutesy cause this was my moment to use the line we "talked" about. He'd stare. Then is have to come out and say it and poooof all the fun gone. But at least I would be tired when I got home because amen sister it sucks getting old. Home easily before midnight...