Saturday, February 9, 2013


Mags: "Mama, my belly doesn't feel right. It feels like it's goopy. There's something going on down there. (insert projectile vomit here)

Last week, Chris left on his annual, week-long voyage to a conference he presents at in Florida. We always joke that it's the 'bad luck conference.' It earned its name because for the past four years, every time he has left, something has gone wrong. The first time, both toddlers got sick with high fevers. The second time, two feet of snow fell, when it was only a predicted four to six inches. Last year, my car acted up and both kids got strep. 

This year (sigh) was no different. Why break the streak? We lost power for a day, it snowed, school was canceled twice, Tuck got a high fever and bronchitis and Mags, well, Mags did this....ALL WEEK LONG. My poor baby. 

It turned out that she had the stomach flu. Yuck. It was a rough week and one very long, torturous night...FOR HER. She was tough through it all, but I felt helpless. So, as any mom would have done, I gathered up her most favorite comfort items in all the world and surrounded her with them. Wolfie and silkies. Together, they are a magical combination of warmth and protection. But, as expected, she tossed her cookies all over them at about 3AM. Since I had a whole load of towels and blankets at this point, I threw them all in the wash for a good sterilization. 

When we awoke the next morning, I remembered to go switch the laundry over before Mags noticed the missing items. But, there was a problem. To my dismay, this is what I found when I opened the washer.

Wolfie exploded. Literally. His insides were all over my washer. The little balls of filler puff clung for dear life onto each blanket, towel and Silky. And then there was this....

OH NO! Tuck had followed me down and I quickly covered his mouth as he began to reveal what had happened. Mags, who was sick, feverish and feeling lousy upstairs on the couch. So, I recruited him to help me collect all the filling and we began the process of reclaiming Wolfie's insides.

An hour later, my washer machine looked more like the stuffing machine at Build-A-Bear. 

We stuffed that wolf as fast as we could. I'd like to thank my fantastic side-kick, Tuck, for helping me and 'Tangled' for keeping Mags distracted.

Then, we collected all the evidence that was on the floor and up the stairs. 

Finally, I sewed Wolfie's hole on his back that was the culprit and brought him upstairs smelling fresh as a daisy and LOOKING as good as new.  

And I'd do it again 100 times over just for this moment...

Thankfully, Chris got home at the end of the week...just in time for me to get the pukes. 

Welcome Home, Honey! 


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  1. And you hosted an amazing #footballforwomen party. What a save on Wolfie. Y'all feel better.