Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a Valentine's ScaVINEger Hunt

Tuck: "Mama, will you be my valentine?"
Me: "Of course I will!"
Mags: "Hey! What about me?"
Tuck: "You can have Daddy."
Mags: "No way. Daddy just tooted. Mama can have him!"

My husband is known for his creative gifts. He spends time researching ideas and then making sure he does his best to keep it a surprise. This involves NOT involving Mags, who is the queen of spilling the beans. Valentine's Day in our house is just about showing a little bit more appreciation than usual. My husband knows that it's the little things that make the biggest impression on me. 

This year is no different. I opened my Twitter this morning to find a tweet from him. He is using a fairly new program from Twitter called Vine. It allows you to take a 6 second stop motion video. He used it in order to lead me to my presents.

What did I get you ask? Well, click on each link and it will show you where I had to go and what I found. 

Dear  Happy Valentine's Day! Come find your first present!   

Dear  here is your clue to find your second gift! Enjoy!  

Okay  time to find your third present for Day! 

Ready for your fourth  Day present  ? Come get it!  

And here is number 5! Come find it for  Day !  

Homer Simpson wants you to find your sixth present for day  

Well  here is where you will find present 7 for Day 

Last one  ! Wanna see what she got? Go to to see her gifts! Happy...

I know. You're thinking, "Great. He got you eight bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs." But, I do have an addiction to these tasty little candies and I am so sad when they are taken off the shelves and my time with them is over. So, he got me extra bags to tide me over until...well...these won't last until next year. They may not last until next month, if I'm being perfectly honest. 

Thank you, Chris, for thinking of me and making it a fun day with these six second scavenger hunt videos. This was such a cute idea! 

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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  1. I love mini eggs! I especially love that CVS always randomly starts selling them in January! Enjoy the 8 bags!