Friday, March 1, 2013

Ketchup With Us - #13

This is our 13th 'Ketchup With Us' post.  Last week, we posted our first Ketchup video of Michele ordering a drink. This week, we have ANOTHER video. While we were in New York together last summer, we thought it would be a good photo op to walk into different high-end stores adorned in the Ketchup costume.  First up...PRADA. We were cautious at first, until the sales people welcomed us with open arms and wanted their pictures taken with us. When we asked if we could try on shoes, one of the saleswomen picked out a pair that would match my outfit. They were gorgeous, Ketchup red, high heeled, PRADA priced shoes. 

So, for this round of Ketchup, Michele and I would like you to choose someone whose shoes you want to walk in for a day.  I knew IMMEDIATELY which person I would choose. Here's mine:

Up at dawn and catch a quick snuggle. Start your day with breakfast served to you and not a care in the world. Choice of adorable outfits that all fit perfectly. Your ‘work day’ is three hours of sand tables, arts stations and building blocks. Rest of the day is family fun. That’s the life for me!  

For a quick explanation of this link-up, click here. In short, Michele and I will post a picture or video (YES! ANOTHER VIDEO!) with a writing prompt on the 1st and 15th of every month. You can write your entry in any form. We love creativity. And, with each prompt, we'll feature a writer from the previous link-up. Which reminds me...

Our esteemed Ketchup With Us Featured Writer for today is ...



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ketchup with us
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In 57 words or less, tell us whose shoes you would 

like to walk in for a day.


  1. HEE! Spend a day in someone's SHOES? Picking me as the featured writer was NO ACCIDENT was it???

    I would love to be our kiddos too, all those kisses, unconditional love, mountains of forgiveness and SKITTLES...who wouldn't want to be them?

    love that picture of Mags, and am LOVIN her shoes!!!! ;)


    1. Those are my faves. I find a wear to wear them whenever I can!

  2. Who wouldn't want to be Mags?? She is fabulous!

  3. ADORABLE pic of Mags! She's strutting those heels like she owns them! :) I love your video. Those are some HOT red maryjanes! Thanks for hosting the linkup!

    1. Thanks so much for joining us! And thanks. She works those shoes well. She walks in high heels better than I do.

  4. That video killed! I couldn't get audio so I know I missed some of the funny. It is a little ridiculous how beautiful you looked, even wearing a ketchup costume.

    Oh and I'm applying to walk a day in Mags shoes. I would totally rock those leopard heels. And I like my eggs scrambled with rosemary and cheddar. Ellen

    1. OH MY WORD! Seriously? You are too kind. :) I told Michele I was making my "Dork Debut." HAHA!

      OOOH! Rosemary and chedder...great combo! Will have to try soon. Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. Finally made it. Saw the tweet .... Tuesday? MOnday? Didn't make it as far as clicking reply EVER, couldn't find it TO reply, then said, "Screw it - I can just submit to the meme and thereby demonstrate my having seen the writing on the (twitter) wall". Sorry it's such a sad one. I like to be more chipper when I'm going short.

  6. She is adorable. I think your co-host was the one who dared me and since I am new to the whole thing and never one to refuse a challenge I jumped. Thanks so much for coming by and reading. Your little girl is adorable. I have 3 boys and try as I might none would agree to wearing frills and dress up things to pacify my want for a little girl lol.

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