Monday, February 11, 2013

The Transport Chamber

Michele: "I have Tic Tacs. Here, one for you, Mags and one for you, Tuck."
Tuck: "Thanks. What is this?"
Michele: "A Tic Tac."
Tuck: "So, do I chew it?"
Me: "Tuck, it's a little mint. You just eat it."
Michele: (stunned, looks at me) "Mel, have your kids NEVER had a Tic Tac?"
Chris and me: (in unison) "Nope."
Michele: "What?!? That's it, kids. I'm sending you Tic Tacs. I just opened up a WHOLE new world for you. Wait 'til you see all the different colors and flavors."

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend and writing partner-in-crime, Michele, and her sweet son, Dean. They were in Washington DC this weekend on a school field trip. Since she was busy running from museum to museum, I offered to write a guest post for her blog. She was happy to accept. 

So, if you have a minute, you can jump over to her blog, say hello and help me decide what to give up for Lent. Just click the link below to begin your transport.

For now, I'll leave you with some of the pictures we snapped yesterday. 
Thanks again, Michele and Dean! 

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I really appreciate all the support!

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  1. Confession! My son has never had tic tacs either. If fact there is a lot of candy that he has never had. And no I am not that mom that doesn't let her kids have candy. He refuses to try it and I am not pushing the issue.