Monday, February 25, 2013


Mags: "What's that on your computer, Mama?"
Me: "A site called Pinterest. People pictures of things that they like."
Mags: "Oh! I need one of those 'Pinpissed' things. I love taking pictures and looking at pictures."
Me: "When you are older you can have one."
Mags: "Like when I'm six and can get my ears pierced?"
Me: "No. You have to be older than that."
Mags: "Like as old as you?" 
Me: "Yes. As old as me."
Mags: "What? That's 100 million bazillion years from now. It won't even be here anymore."

This got me thinking.  What WILL be around when Maggie is 35? You know, in a million bazillion years. I'll hear my friends that are around my age say, 

"What did we EVER do without a cell phone on us at all times when we were growing up?"

It always makes me laugh because I think it's my generation's way of saying,

"We used to walk uphill to school, BOTH WAYS, in the snow." 

It's true, though. There are so many ways to connect with people in this day and age. As much as I have fought it, I have given in to a few more ways. I'm officially on Pinterest and LinkedIn. I'm still building both my accounts...VERY SLOWLY...but I'm there.  And because that wasn't enough, Chris and I made a SECOND Pinterest account for our podcast of original children's stories, Night Light Stories.  Again, we're working on building our 'boards' over there, but we'd love to connect with all of you. 

As for Mags, we'll just have to wait and see what is to come in the next 30 years. For now, I'll just pin her pictures on my 'According to Mags' board. 

You know, 'pin' worthy pictures, like this one...


  1. Sadly, I understand what you mean. I was still in school when cell phones went 'main stream.' But I can still tell stories about how we rode our bikes everywhere, walked to school, didn't have internet or social media!!

  2. We did walk uphill BOTH ways.. Didn't we? Lol

    I always wonder what life will be like for our babies.. Way far in the future.. A bazillion years. It seems my 5yr olds have a master grasp of hyperbole.. It's going to take for a long time.. Like forever. (you don't know the half of it)

    It will be fun at 70 to see just how far we've come won't it?

    Now I am off to look at your pinterest boards and join your LinkedIn.

    That pic of Mags.. Classic.

  3. I am frequently in awww of what my girls know about that wasn't even around 5years ago. I more frequently find myself preparing what I am going to say and what standards and rules I need to share with them about on line interactions. From the outside it appears so frivolous and free but on the inside I have well established sharing rules and boundries. How do I make sure my girls have those too?? It's a whole new world!!! My girls also totally know what pinterest is too and don't want pictures on it but want to look and look. It kind of like a virtual catalog. It will be interesting and it makes me nervous. So for now I just take a deep breath. I can't even imagine what it will be like!!