Monday, April 15, 2013

Ketchup With Us - Prompt #16

Michele and I are talking about celebrities this round of Ketchup. Celebrities that you've met, had a picture with, or even seen in passing. While my partner-in-crime and I were gallivanting around NYC last summer as Ketchup, we decided to take a break at a great little spot. People could not take their eyes off Michele...the lady in red. When we took a seat to refresh and recharge (our phones), I noticed a man at a table across from us who looked very familiar. I could not stop staring and he could not stop staring Michele

I nonchalantly whispered, "I think that's Pat Sajak over there." Michele tried to unsuccessfully swivel in the suit. Pat had read my lips or heard my whisper. I gave in and said directly to him, "You're Pat Sajak." He replied, "No. But I get that a lot." I said sassily, "Umm, I would know your voice anywhere and YOU are Pat Sajak." He admitted his fame and the first question he asked us was, "WHY? Why the Ketchup costume?" After that, it was all a blur. The next thing I remember we were texting the proof of our encounter to our husbands, moms and second cousins twice removed. And, although meeting this Pat was fantastic, my favorite celebrity meeting was with another Pat. 

My house is divided from the first pre-season game until the NFL playoffs. The boys cheer for the Buffalo Bills and the girls cheer for the New England Pats. A favorite player of Mags' is Kyle Arrington. She cheers for him the loudest every week on TV..."Go, 'Awwington,' go!" Watching them meet was sweet.

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'KETCHUP WITH US' - Prompt #16

In 57 words or less, tell us about a "celebrity encounter." (We'll let you interpret those terms however you like.) 

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  1. Your Pat stories are cracking me up! A very sweet shot with #24.

  2. That is just hilarious! I like how he's just smiling like "No...I'm not standing next to a woman wearing a ketchup bottle." LOL

  3. How great! I love that he posed for pics with you guys..