Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pint-Size Passion

Chris and I  decided to tell the kids about the explosions that occurred yesterday in Boston before we sent them to school. Chris and I knew there was a strong possibility of them hearing about it on the bus, in the lunchroom or just in passing. There was no way they wouldn't worry if they heard "Boston and bomb" in a conversation.  To them, "Boston" means Meme, Papa, Uncle Markie, Auntie Kerry and loads of other friends and family that mean the world to them...to us.

So, we sat them at the breakfast table and told them the basics of the horrible events that had occurred.  As Chris and I spoke, filling in each other's explanations, we carefully watched their faces. They accepted what we told them about the bomb, the people that were killed or injured, the heroes who came together to help those in need and, forefront in their little minds, that their family and friends were safe.

On the drive to drop Mags at Pre-K, the following conversation opened my eyes to a new side of our sweet seven and five-year-old:

Tuck: "Hey, Mama?"
Me: "Yes, Tuck?"
Tuck: "How do people get hurt by a bomb going off?"
Me: "Well, it sets off an explosion that has a lot of heat and fire. The blast will knock people down."
Tuck: "Knock them down, like that one time when the wave knocked me down in the ocean?"
Me: "Exactly."
Tuck: "It's loud?"
Me: "Yes. Very loud."
Mags: "And you know what those people are called that hurt other people, Mama?"
Me: (holding my breath) "What Mags?"
Mags: "Bullies."
Me: "That's one name for them, yes."
Tuck: "If I was there, I would have helped the people that were hurt. Cause that is showing good citizenship. We talked about being a good citizen in school."
Me: "That's really good of you, Tuck. 
Mags: "If I was there, I would've taken those bad bullies to jail."
Tuck: "That's for the police to do, Mags. You're too little to do that."
Mags: "Oh no I'm not! I can help. You've seen me carry TWO grocery bags. I'm strong, Tuck. I really am."

Something became clear to me through this conversation.  Both Tuck and Mags are just as passionate about this situation as I am. Passionate to help. Passionate to right a wrong. Passionate to begin the process of healing.  And it's this type of budding passion around me that helps to replenish and inspire my own.

Like so many others, our family's thoughts and prayers are 
with all those impacted by these events in Boston.  

One more very important thing...Amanda M and Kerri T, 
congratulations on your outstanding finishes. 
I'm so proud of your strength!


  1. Your children have the biggest hearts that are full of compassion. Thank you for sharing. We all need to be replenished.

  2. Love to you and yours at this difficult time. You have two amazing little people there. I guess that's a testament to their parents. :)

  3. It is amazing how much little hearts can care and want to help. I'm sending you and your family much love and hugs.

  4. So sweet. SO sweet. What fabulous kiddos. xoxo