Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Mags: (raspy, tired voice) Mama, my belly feels goopy again. I just don't think I can eat breakfast today. I need to lay on the couch. 

Mags called out sick today. She just didn't have it in her to do much of anything. I've had those days where your body and mind pulled out a white flag and waved it. And you know what? Her idea to lay on the couch, drink tea and watch movies sounded great. 

We think our little balls of energy that bounce around the house from day to day have an endless supply. But, eventually, like any normal human being,  they need to recharge their batteries. THANK GOODNESS! 

Personally, I was glad she took the time she needed. I was glad she knew she needed a day to rest. 

But mostly, I was glad she invited me to join her! 

That Suburban Momma


  1. OH that sounds like such a wonderful idea.. especially since we became the owners of a couch that puts anyone into a sleep mode..

  2. Awww, Hope her tummy is feeling better. I hate when they don't feel well, but I LOVE the snuggles that come with it. :)

    If you have a chance, stop by and link up to the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! :)

  3. Good for you guys. I LOVE those kinds of days.

  4. Ryan is home today as well. It's so rainy and dismal here today I can't say I blame him.