Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The New

Melissa: "Hey, this is a first for us!"

This post was written by Chris (Melissa's husband). Enjoy!

Life has a way of becoming monotonous. Get up. Go to work. Come home. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Do that over and over, Ad Inifinitum. Ugh. I’m depressing myself just writing that sentence.
What’s the best way to avoid the everyday doldrums?

I know what works for my wife and me. We have a saying we’ve repeated at different moments since the birth of our relationship. “Hey, this is a first for us”. For us, adventure is found by discovering The New.

After 9 years together my wife and I have shared many new experiences. Some are huge, life changing events, like the birth of our children or buying a house. Others are small, minor occurrences like going to a restaurant we’ve never been to or trying a flavor of ice cream that we’ve never had before. Big or small, we relish in The New. The New is what keeps our life fresh, interesting, and worth living. Sharing The New is what keeps our marriage fresh, interesting, and worth living together. It’s fun to ride a roller coaster you’ve never been on before but it is even more fun to look over at the love of your life to see the look on her face when the ride comes to a complete stop. It’s those moments, when you’ve shared something new together, that brings you even closer together.

For these reasons we try to have as many new experiences as possible. This is why we do zombie runs, dress up in crazy outfits whenever we can, and try on over-priced Christmas sweaters. It’s all about capturing The New.

Today marks the anniversary of our ninth year together as husband and wife. My wife likes chocolate, jewelry, chocolate, flowers, and other traditional romantic gestures (like chocolate) just as much as the next woman but all of that has been done before. Those things aren’t new. I know she’d be happy and appreciative of these things if that’s what I got her, but these aren’t the things she really, truly wants. No, not deep down. Deep down, she wants The New.

In trying to think about the best way to acknowledge the occasion, I decided it would be best to celebrate by doing something we’ve always wanted to do but which would also be a first for us. I wanted it to be something that encompassed the spirit of our relationship. It had to be fast-paced. It had to be exciting. It had to smack of The New. Actually, it had to smack The New in the face!

And that’s why I got us tickets to this...

Schedule of the NOVA Roller Derby

Happy Anniversary Melissa!

I'm looking forward to every new experience with you!

PS. I replenished her Cadbury mini-egg supply too. Come on, did you really think I wouldn’t get her chocolate too?


  1. So fun that your husband posted. Can't wait to hear all about your adventure!!!! You can send some of that candy my way :)

  2. This is why I love you guys! Happy anniversary to both of you. Y'all are going to have a blast at the Roller Derby.

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! what a fantastic post about you two.
    wishing you many more years of love, laughter and LIFE together..plenty of time for more FIRSTS!!

  4. Well, if this isn't a future blog post, then I don't know what is. :)

    Happy Anniversary.

  5. Now that is a man who knows how to make his wife happy! Well done, Chris! Can't wait to read all about it!

  6. Aww, this was really sweet to read. We have a really hard time thinking of The New for us. Love your creativity. Happy anniversary!!