Friday, May 17, 2013


Me: "Okay, Mags. Time to go inside. Come around the pond THIS way."
Mags: "What? Why? We haven't been out that long and I'm not even that dirty yet."

Mags and I were cleaning up our ponds the other day. After the fall and winter seasons they were in pretty rough shape. We decided a little TLC was in order. We got dressed and headed outside to conquer the leaves, the ponds and our little garden. (Those poor, innocent plants.) We grabbed our gardening tools, a rake and the nets for our heads to keep the swarms of gnats out of our eyes and nose. 

As I rearranged the large rock borders, Mags was happily scooping up leaves and counting tadpoles from the pond. A woodpecker was busy on a nearby tree as I lifted one of the rocks. That's when I saw it. At first I thought it was some black hose from the pond's filter. But moved. And I gasped...and silently screamed. The yellow ring near the top of it's head stuck out to me as it slithered away most likely ticked that I disturbed his slumber. I wasn't sticking around to find out just how ticked.  Begrudgingly, Mags went inside. I made it worth her while with a popsicle and Play-Doh. 

I took a moment to look up the snake I had just seen. This is what I found...


After I called the moving company, I texted Michele from ODNT.

Then I sent her the information I found on the snake. 
She was quick to sum it up for me...

After I told her there was NO WAY I was going back out there and I'd send Chris once he got home, she saw the silver lining....

YES! I can take care of Father's Day and the venomous snake 
all at the same time. Two stone. 
Thanks, Michele!

Now, who knows where I can get a Mongoose around here? 

Photo Credit: Rikki Tikki Tave


  1. I found a black snake bagging leaves awhile back. I went inside, got my camera, and took a picture of it. I was surprised my dumb dogs didn't try to play with it, but then again, maybe they just had more sense than me.

  2. I swear Mel, only to you do these things seem to happen. I'm glad you were able to get some sound advice from Michele. All I can say is good luck Chris on your Great Snake Adventure!

  3. I'm REALLY looking forward to the gumbo! :)

    1. I'll supply the ingredients, but you'll have to make it. :)

  4. OKAY, between you and Tara showing me pictures, PICTURES of snakes, I am going to have a massive heart attack. ;)
    Rikki Tikki Tave used to be a favorite show of mine until I became afraid of snakes (and watched it when I was older and was scared out of my wits from that cobra!)

    listen, he was poisonous, I am just glad you and Mags are okay.

    (hate snakes, hate em)