Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ketchup With Us - Prompt #20

Twenty, Michele?!? TWENTY! I can't believe it. Not only is that number close to her age, (Michele's birthday was Tuesday) but it is also the number of prompts we've had! Time flies when you're having fun. Speaking of time flying, my house has already been on Summer Break for a full week AND this weekend is Father's Day! Won't you join Michele and I in sharing a great dad figure in your life? 

Dad. Protector, leader, hero. A man of steel for sure. Faster than a speeding bullet. Can open any stuck jar with ease. The person you go to after mom says no when you want to get permission to go to that party. His Kryptonite? His overwhelming pride of watching your successes. 
There he stands clapping the loudest.

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In 57 words or less, tell us about a story about a great dad 

in your life, fact or fiction.


  1. Happy Father's Day to your Superman! Hope you enjoyed the movie - we maybe going tomorrow if that's what the man of the day wants to do.

  2. I see a common Superman thread running through your life these days ... Lois.