Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ODNT vs. MAGS: Birthday Edition

Mags: "Mama, I wanna send this sea shell to Ms. Michele. You know why?"
Me: "Why?"
Mags: "Because her name is Ms. Mi-SHELL. Like the shell. Get it?"
Me: "Totally. She'll love it." 

My sweet, sassy friend and co-writer at ODNT is celebrating her birthday today. That's right. Michele is an age with two different numbers in it. (The 'don't ask, don't tell' policy should be applied here.) Be sure to visit her blog, Twitter or Facebook page to wish her the happiest of birthdays. 

Since it's her big day, I wanted to dedicate a post to her on my blog. I hemmed and hawed over what to write. Should I mention her clever wit? Her creative and precise writing style? Her pure awesomness? Then it hit me! Well, actually, Mags walked by me in the kitchen and I knew that a chart was the answer. As you'll see, ODNT and Mags have quite a bit in common. Don't believe me? Take a look! 

Eats cheese, cheese, cheese galore.
Eats cheese stick pieces from the floor.
Has to pee every ten minutes and cannot wait.
Has to pee the moment we have a time constraint.
Weighs out her options with lots of care.
Weighs out her options to tell me they’re not fair.
Plays with Barbies named Pavlina, Tiffany, Bianca and Stavros.
Plays with Barbies….even the generic ones that are so hard to pose.
Ate baby food for five days to try a diet fad.
Ate baby food for five months until it made her mad.
Mentions how her kids are growing up too soon.
Mentions of Michele’s kids makes Mags swoon.
@AccordingtoMags                      http://accordingtomags.com

Happy Birthday, Michele! I hope all your wishes come true 
when you blow out the candles on your wheel of cheese. 
Sending you lots of love and hugs from all of us 
here at According to Mags. 

Here are some of her collections of posts that I highly recommend: 


  1. How did you ... ? When .. did ... ? Oh, never mind. I love you, too, dear friend. Being compared to (my) Mags couldn't be a higher compliment. :)

    Thank you soooo much! XOXO

    P.S. You knew my insomnia would prevent me from waiting to see this post 'til morning, right?

    1. I figured you might. That's why I was texting so late. "Test the waters." :)

      You are most welcome! I'm so glad you liked it. One of my editors was out of town and the other...well...I couldn't ask you to proof YOUR BIRTHDAY post. Hehe.

      Have a fantastic day!! Wish we could be there with you!! Love you!

  2. That's some great company to be in. Happy birthday!

  3. I hope you both know how much we all love you all. Happy Birthday Michele..you share a great birthday