Monday, June 10, 2013

Three's Company

Tuck: "We have ANOTHER errand after this one?"
Me: "Yes, but we're almost done."
Mags: "Welcome to our world, Tuck."

I was pretty sure I surprised Tuck today when we had to jump in and out of the car numerous times to get through our to-do list. He was begging for mercy by the time we arrived at our last stop. Since our schedule was old hat for Mags, she just went with the flow. I probably should have prepared Tuck better, but I just assumed he knew what Mags and I did all day. It turned out that he had no idea (and hasn't been listening very well to my day's recap at dinner all year). When I asked him, he told me he thought we sat around all day playing UNO and eating lots of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Okay, okay, that was PART of my day with Mags. 

So, now that Tuck has joined our make a trio...he'll need time to adjust. Or as Mags told him while he was moaning through the grocery store, 

"Get with the program, Tuck!"

She's a no nonsense kind of gal. In reality, we're so excited to have him home with us. We have lots of adventures planned to get us into keep us out of trouble. Mags and I just need to give our buddy some time to adjust. 

Here we go, Summer Break 2013! 
Bring it! 

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  1. I love the opening sequence. I remember those days. It's a good thing. You're like a mama bird now, with all your wee ones at arm's (wing's) length. I always liked that. :)