Sunday, June 30, 2013


Me and Chris: "Who wants to go on an adventure?" 
Mags: "I do! I do! I'm always ready for an adventure...especially if it has to do with getting ice cream!"

Family, Family, what do you see? 

I see sweet girls looking at me. 
Sweet girls, sweet girls, what do you see? 

I see the Liberty Bell looking at me. 
Liberty Bell, Liberty Bell, what do you see? 

I see polite guys holding doors for me.
Polite guys, polite guys, what do you see? 

I see Bloggers' kids looking at me.
Bloggers' kids, Bloggers' kids, what do you see? 

I see goofy moms looking at me.
Goofy moms, goofy moms, what do you see? 

I see a stern lion looking at me
Stern lion, stern lion, what do you see?

I see four gleeful children looking at ME! 

We had such a fun day meeting up with our friends, the ODNT Family, (minus two) in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for what trouble we get into tomorrow! 


  1. musingsofamidwestmamaJune 30, 2013 at 2:45 AM

    Envious. Thinking that the ODNT & According to Mags Clan should visit beautiful Midwest soon!

  2. Oh, you did such a great job. I think my entry today might just be a link to your blog. Think of it. I could get to bed before 2am!

    Great seeing you guys today. Looking forward to more shenanigans tomorrow!

  3. SHENANIGANS, best word for an adventure.

    loved all the things YOU SAW!