Sunday, July 14, 2013


Me: "Check this out, Mags and Tuck! Viv made us videos."
Mags and Tuck: (watching, reading aloud, smiling, laughing)
Me: (watching, sobbing)
Mags: "Viv is SO super talented!"
Me: "I agree, Mags."
Tuck: "I knew those videos would make you cry, Mama. Cause you're a...what's that word again?"
Me: "A sap."
Tuck: "Yep. That's it! You're a sap. And I'm famous!"

The other day Michele, over at ODNT, was telling me about a new app that her creative daughter, Viv (affectionately referred to as ODNT Jr.), had just downloaded. Michele explained that the app, iMovie, allowed the creator to use their own pictures to make a movie trailer. It wasn't long before ODNT Jr. had mastered it. Soon after, Michele sent me ODNT Jr.'s debut movie about ... what else? Ketchup!

Chris (my ├╝ber techie husband) and I watched it first. Chris was so impressed by ODNT Jr.'s ability to import the pictures and insert introductory phrases so perfectly. I was taken with her sentence structure, spelling and the thoughtfulness behind it.  Check it out by clicking on the arrow. 

But, wait! There's more! ODNT Jr. didn't stop there. She also made 
some very special trailers for both of my kids. You can jump over 
to see them on Michele's blog by clicking below. 

Thank you for the smiles, Viv! 
We look forward to the premiere of your first full-featured film!

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  1. You are most welcome! Viv had a blast making them and your kids are such naturals at all of this stuff! :)