Monday, July 15, 2013

Ketchup With Us #22

Recently, we visited my hometown in Massachusetts. While there, Chris and I decided to take the kids to a local amusement park. In the back of the park was where we discovered a roller coaster called “Untamed.”  It was a 90 degree rise and fall. You think I’m kidding? I sent this picture to Michele and told her that I was riding it as Ketchup. 

 Life is often compared to a roller coaster. I’ve been on many. Some had a few bumps and turns. Others had twists, flips and left me wondering what just happened. The important thing is that I tried it, rode it and sometimes got back on it again. A perfect example…the birth of my bouncing baby boy.

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In 57 words or less, tell us about a time in your life that you rode a roller coaster ... figuratively, literally, existentially or whatever. 

And, yes. That is Tuck next to me. How fitting for the above 57 words.
He went on it FIVE times. 


  1. Awww!! Your little bundle - so adorable. Can I hug the screen? You wore the ketchup bottle on the roller coaster - I LOVE that!! I'll tell you what - we live 2 minutes from Great Adventure and Kingda Ka. It's the tallest, fastest coaster in the world and it's totally wasted on us because we're too chicken S@#t to go on it! ha! But we park next to it and watch and listen to people scream!!

  2. Great one! Posting in just a few minutes!

  3. I saw your picture on Twitter with the costume in the bag - I was hoping you'd wear it on a ride! Tuck has just gotten cuter with age, and I love that he's smiling even though he is sitting next to his mother dressed as a ketchup bottle!

  4. That's WHY he's smiling, Dana! The kids LOVE it. :)

    So proud of you, Mel, for riding it and for wearing the colors. I'll bet that thing was flying down around your neck constantly. Thanks for doing it ... and for not puking on it!

  5. It's teh getting back on that's important.

  6. Tuck is a brave one! I love how the Ketchup costume became a mini dress. :D

    Stephanie (@smtimmons)