Saturday, August 17, 2013


Me: “I need to get some work done in the bedroom.
Chris: “No problem. The kids and I will play a board game out here in the living room.”
Me: (sits on bed, starts typing on computer, hear screams) “What’s going on out here?”
Chris: “We’re just playing.”
Me: “What happened to the board game? That would be QUIET…so I could concentrate.”
Chris: “They didn’t want to play one. Sorry. We’ll keep it down for you.”
Me: “That’d be great thanks.” (walk down hall, hear huge screams and laughter, turn around and glare at husband)
Mags and Tuck: (both point to Chris) "It was him."
Mags: “We don’t have any control over his craziness.”

Being a busy mom who works a few extra part time jobs, I often get my work done in slivers of time. The kids’ quiet time,  moments when they’re playing nicely together (stop laughing) or at night after they are asleep. Occasionally, when I’m on a deadline, I’ll seclude myself in the bedroom (20 feet away from the living room) while my husband, Chris, handles the kids.

It’s during these times that I wish I had my Chris’ handy skill of blocking out any extraneous noises, laughs, screams, fights or talking.  I struggle to get things written when it’s not completely quiet.  My brains cells are not what they used to be.  I had actually been considering buying a white noise machine or headphones that block out noise.

Enter BlogHer 2013.  Michele (ODNT) and I met some wonderful representatives from Monster headphones during the Ulta party. They were showing off their stylish, noise-reducing headphones called “Inspiration.” Michele and I wasted no time posing with some of their more exotic headsets and then posting them to our social sites. 

Their soft and comfortable fit caught my attention immediately. It was like there were two pillows on each side of my head. After being complete goofballs, we got down to business talking about the cool features that we’d find in these headphones.  We had to really strain to hear over the people and the blaring music  at the party.

But, being a podcaster, I wanted to know about everything they offered. We had a great time chatting it up with one of the reps about the headphone’s design for comfort, ability to individualize the headband to your liking as well as the clear, crisp sound. These headphones also offer “Control Talk.” Basically, this incredibly handy feature allows you to control your music from the cord. With a single button on the cable attached to the headphones, you can play, pause, or skip to the next or previous track. You also can scan forwards and back. AND control volume. All with ONE BUTTON!

But that’s not all! What feature impressed me the most, you ask? The active noise-cancellation. I immediately thought of my inability to block out noise around me while working or writing. It just so happened we were in a perfect place to check out how well this feature worked. We tried them out right there, in the large party at BlogHer, with noise that caused us to have to shout at each other to be heard. Sure enough, when we put on the headphones to listen to the music in the headphones, it remained crisp and clear. That’s when I noticed it. It was calm around me. Not only were there comfortable ear pieces on each side of my head, the ear-drum-pounding noise of the party was dull. Barely noticeable. I was impressed. As was Michele.

Michele and I were given a pair to review. We started right away in the hotel room testing out the different things the headphones could do. And they did not disappoint.  We used them while writing a blog post. It was helpful to have the “Control Talk” so we could stop our music when we needed to ask each other something. Michele used them while packing to listen to the music on her iPhone. One quick push on the cord and she was still virtually hands free.

Then, the real test came. I used them at home while Chris and  the kids were playing. SUCCESS! It allowed me to concentrate while I wrote, blocking out the louder noises. I continued testing them as I sat on the deck checking emails. The usual screeches of birds, chirps of crickets and overall woodland creature noises were reduced greatly. Now, I take them everywhere with me.

The great thing about that is…the headphones fold up compactly and fit into a fashionable, soft, zip able case. They literally fit comfortably in my big, purple purse, right next to the fruit snacks and mismatched Barbie shoes.  

The Inspiration headphones have become part of my routine while I am working on the computer. Helpful, chic, comfortable and effective. You can’t go wrong! 

Want to win a pair of your very own Monster Headphones? 
Of course you do! 

Michele and I are EACH giving a pair of Monster's N-Tune Candy headphones. They are perfect for Back-to-School, Back-to-work or Back-to-Vacation time. They come in an assortment of bright, bold colors. With a flexible headbands, they'll hold up in a backpack, briefcase or suitcase. Plus, the quality of that Monster sound can't be beat! It's no wonder this line is called NCredible. 

Simply enter in the Rafflecopter below by midnight on August 23rd. There's plenty of ways to enter. Good luck! 

Can't wait? Want some Monster headphones right now? Great news! 


  1. i will listen to johnny cash songs

  2. i will listen to songs i have hundred songs on my phone

  3. I'll be listening to Nightlight Stories!

  4. I am a big John Coltrane fan, so probably something like A Love Supreme or At Carnegie Hall.

  5. I'll be listening to Night Light Stories too! but probably via iTunes

    I'll also listen to Cast of Wonders (, Podcastle (, and the A.T.TIPSCAST ( or

    I hope I win! I also think they'd make a great gift for someone too!

  6. I will listen to my boyfriend, The Edge, and the boys in U2, and my other boyfriend, Amos Lee for a while. Then I'll probably put on some stuff that I think I can sing, but shouldn't and sing it at the top of my lungs, while I won't be able to hear it, until it drives my real-live boyfriend crazy!
    I call that a win across the board!

  7. i will listen to some soft music and relax.....

  8. Crystal Planet by Joe Satriani. The entire CD in straight through, so that counts as one song right?!

  9. Only one? Vampire Weekend, Unbelievers. wait. That's what I have stuck in my head right now. OK. Ummmm. of Monsters and Men, Mountain Sound. Nooo, that's what the boy is sleeping to. Over and over. And yes, it's competing with Vampire Weekend. So. Maybe some Jimmy Buffett? Tin Cup Chalice is good. Or oh, wait, Waterboys, I can't remember the title, (it's probably the first line, which is "I wish I was a fisherman, tumblin' on the sea".) Possibly, though, I should stick to the newer stuff, because I have yet to get ALL my CDs burned onto the computer. Um. So that would mean oh oh oh! Wild Feathers. I love The Ceiling.

    So you see why I have a serious problem with this simple question.

  10. Do the skip/forward/reverse buttons work with any mp3 device? phones too?

  11. i will listen to Jennifer Lopez songs

  12. I want them to listen a lot of jazz.

  13. I will use them to listen to the guided meditations each morning. This will help create a quiet oasis from my dog's snoring and my Daughter's cartoons.

  14. Oh GIRL! That is amazing!! I entered. I want the red ones. Want! Need! Covet! :) Now how come I didn't know you did a podcast? Where is it? How can I listen?!!! xo

  15. The first song I will listen to in celebration of my win will probably be Blurred Lines...that has been my dance in the car JAM all summer....LOL

  16. Perhaps I will listen to one of my friends' indie bands. They have new CD's out/upcoming. If you wanna know them, just ask. I shamelessly promote others ;)

  17. I'll crank up some Weather Report - Birdland

  18. Imma listen to soooo much Deadmau5!

  19. I shall rock out to Mr. A to Z himself, Jason Mraz!

  20. I'll tell you what I will NOT be listening to - the background noise of my family that makes it so hard to get my work done!

  21. This is a pretty neat giveaway, and who wouldn't want a pair of nifty headphones?? I'll probably listen to a Ricky Gervais podcast while on the train!

  22. ummmmmm I don't know what I will listen to, silence???? LOL :-)