Saturday, August 3, 2013


This post is in response to the fabulous, Jen at Skew the Mold. She hosts the Twisted Mixed Tape link-up. She asks that we choose five songs from the 2000’s. Since the most important and memorable things in my life happened in 2004 (marriage), 2005 (birth of son) and 2007 (birth of daughter), I’m going to make the tape for my husband and munchkins.

Hang on a second. Anybody have a pencil? Mags was messing around with the cassette. I need to rewind the excess tape. Alright. That’s better. And away we go!

Shania Twain’s 'I Feel Like a Woman'

While sitting at a stop light with my new (I’m talking weeks) boyfriend, this song came on the radio. He was and still is NOT a fan of country music. But, he listened to Shania because he was that nice AND Shania Twain’s a hot woman.  He turned to me during the refrain, made a microphone from his hand and BELTED OUT, “Cause I feel like a woman.” We both laughed uncontrollably. I knew I was in for some serious fun with him at that point.

U2’s 'Everlasting Love'

Chris used this song for a video he made me to begin our engagement. Haven’t heard that story? Read it here. He proposed to me through an entire summer.

Cake’s 'Love You Madly'

We got married at a lighthouse in North Carolina with 10 members of our family and friends by our side. This was our “wedding song.” He introduced me to Cake (so he wouldn’t have to listen to my country music as much) and I fell head over heels…for the band. Cake is a staple in our house.

Jack Johnson's 'Upside Down'

This song reminds me of our baby boy.  Curious George has been a constant in our house pretty much since he was born. The shows, the movies, the books, the plush doll. We love that little monkey.

Justin Robert’s 'Giant Sized Butterflies'

Justin is an adorable children's songwriter and singer. Chris downloaded this song for me when Tuck was heading to kindergarten and getting on the bus for the first time. Now, in a few weeks, our baby girl is getting on the bus for her first day.  I can’t think of a better song to sum up how we both will feel. The quality of the video isn't that spectacular...but it gets the point across. 


  1. Love the mix tape. Some of them I am going to have to check out. You're going to have to put a warning on that how Chirs proposed's 7am and I'm crying here! What a story!!! What a proposal!

    1. It was a great proposal for sure, Carrie! Very well thought out and executed! :)

  2. You are so awesome! SO AWESOME! Love that your husband took a summer to propose, love even more that he's a Cake fan! Cake is in my top 5 bands of ALL TIME! They have appeared on past Twisted MixTapes and will also appear next week ;-)
    Also we have lots of lighthouse references in this house, my son will be soooo jealous! We visit every lighthouse we can. It's his thing!
    Love you for playing with me!! MWAH!

    1. I loved this. It was SO fun to think of all the songs! :) See you next week! xox

  3. Ok I was all set to comment about the music but got hung up on THIS: Your son's name is Tuck? As in short for Tucker? My son is Tucker! Us cool kids need to hang out more.
    Love that you included Jack Johnson. His music makes watching George over and over again so much more bearable! :)

    1. It is Tucker, Kristi. So cool!! :)

      Yes. The music in both those movies are so sweet.

  4. Cake should be a bigger band. They have really good songs.

    So glad you and Michele are playing

    1. I wholeheartedly agree wtih that statement. They came to DC years ago and played a FREE concert on the Mall. I got sick the MORNING of and couldn't go. I was so sad. :/

  5. ah, mix tapes...reminds of me high school and happy days.

    I love how your songs highlight a part of your life, I caught Gio singing Call Me Maybe the other day and my eyes teared up..I know that if he made a mix tape right now that song would be on it (and although it's not my favorite song) it's fun to watch your babies embrace POP music isn't it?

    So sweet, so romantic, so COOL..your mixtape is awesome. :)