Friday, August 23, 2013

A Whole New World

A conversation I overheard after tucking them in for the night: 

Mags: "I don't know if I wanna go to school tomorrow."
Tuck: "Close your eyes and think of all the good things about school. You know, like the riding the bus, eating lunch and going out to recess."

In comparison, Mags looks SO much smaller than Tuck did on HIS first day of Kindergarten. I know it's because I had no one to compare him to, and Mags was two-years-old at the time. He was my big boy...the big brother. Now my little girl...the little sister is getting on the GINORMOUS yellow bus today. 
And I'm weepy. And I'm so ecstatic. And I'm a little lost. And I' Mags last night...all over the place. 

So, I'll leave you all with some of our favorite "Back-to-School" stories and songs that have become staples in our house. 

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
Hot for Teacher by Van Halen  <----(Just making sure you're paying attention.)

Welcome to a whole new world, Baby. 
You're gonna fill up that space with 
your HUGE smile. 


  1. Tuck is such a wonderful big brother! I hope all went well this morning with the FIRST ride on the big yellow bus. What a huge day for Mags - and the whole Bugaj family. Can't wait to hear all about her experiences. Hang in there, Mama! xoxo

  2. So cute! I've had some funny and sweet Momma eavesdropping moments. What an awesome big brother!

  3. That is a FANTASTIC picture. And very telling. Good luck, Mags! I expect to hear that you're running the place within 2-3 years. :)

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  5. Here I go again, sorry made a mistake. Like I was saying,I think we mom's are always more nervous when it comes to firsts in our kids lives. I guess everything went well since I'm writing this on Saturday, way to go Mags! By the way, did you see my little teletubby in my Ketchup #24 blog?

  6. Hot for Teacher?? (Silly girl!!! :))

    that picture makes me smile, it's a fantastic way to START school.
    The boys started yesterday, today was the first full day and the first bus ride for us too..(I never rode the school bus so it was extra NEW for all of us).

    I can't believe our babies are such BIG KIDS. Wishing them a Fantastic year. (yesterday their teacher read THE KISSING HAND to all of us which was a weepy, happy moment for all of us. )

    have a great year Mags!